The annotated tag, debian/4.10.0-5.1+etch4 has been created
        at  78c8c18551a5db258e4a4d7b4f2137318ebf7455 (tag)
   tagging  c5fe75097ba8936d9ff50a09046105dfe2a55e48 (commit)
 tagged by  Francesco Paolo Lovergine
        on  Mon Oct 19 13:16:13 2009 +0000

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
Tagging Mapserver 4.10.0-5.1+etch4

Alan Boudreault (2):
      Security patch for etch
      Security update for etch

Andreas Putzo (2):
      etch branch copied from r623 + changes from the version currently in etch.
      Added patch to fix xss for etch version using

Francesco Paolo Lovergine (4):
      Creating Etch root tree
      Branching from current trunk
      Starting etch branching for 4.10.2 for true.
      Fixing target



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