Hi all --

  I have just been bitten by this HDF5 default API bug in 
Debian "squeeze".  Juha Jäykkä's work-around solves my immediate
problem (thank you!!), but I will be upgrading numerous scientific 
development systems to Debian "squeeze" in the coming months.

  I appreciate that the API issue is resolved in version 
1.8.6 of the libhdf5-*-dev packages, but for a variety of
reasons, it is impractical for me to move a large number of
production systems to "testing" or "experimental" in order
to obtain it.

  It would be an enormous convenience to me, and probably 
to many other Debian admins, if there could be a back-port of 
the API fix to "squeeze".


                                -- A.
Dr. Andrew C. E. Reid
Physical Scientist, Computer Operations Administrator
Center for Theoretical and Computational Materials Science
National Institute of Standards and Technology, Mail Stop 8555
Gaithersburg MD 20899 USA

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