Thanks for your tests. Below is my results.

On Mon, Apr 18, 2011 at 12:30 AM, Giovanni Mascellani <g...@debian.org> wrote:

> WITH sun-java6-fonts INSTALLED:
>  * Josm appears to show correctly Thai characters with both OpenJDK and
> Sun VM.
>  * Sweethome3d has the same behavior with both VMs, but this is a bit
> strange: the Thai text is displayed correctly in the dialog box where
> I'm pasting it, but it's not rendered correctly in the main view (alla
> characters are square); I believe the difference is due to the use of
> two different renderers: Swing in the dialog box and OpenGL in the main
> view.

I don't know how to select the VM for Sweethome3d in this case.
sun-java6-fonts depends on sun-java6-jre (without openjdk alternative
dependency). So, it's forcefully installed.

However, under this condition, there is no difference between Thai
text displays in dialogs and in the main view. They are both displayed

> WITHOUT sun-java6-fonts INSTALLED:
>  * Josm works with Sun VM, but doesn't with OpenJDK. :-(

I confirm this. With sun-java6-jre installed and openjdk-6-jre removed,
Josm can display Thai correctly without sun-java6-fonts. And the overall
fonts are rendered with a little bit smoother edge (more anti-aliased blur).

But on OpenJDK, it requires sun-java6-fonts. Otherwise, Thai would
be displayed with boxes.

>  * Sweethome3d doesn't work with OpenJDK and partly works (as described
> before) with Sun VM. Probably the fact that you saw it working depended
> onthe fact that you used Sun VM.

It still works well on both VMs in my box. And Thai is also displayed
properly both in dialog boxes and main view.

At first, I though th_TH locale might make the difference. But it's still the
same under C locale.

> These data bring me to think that the main problem is the Virtual
> Machine, that is not able to use fonts without having defoma hints. I'll
> ask on the debian-java@ mailing list.

It sounds so.

Theppitak Karoonboonyanan

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