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> #mapnik (0.7.1-4) unstable; urgency=low
> #
> #  * 04-port_to_new_boost.patch fixes FTBFS with newer Boost::Filesystem,
> #    backported from upstream, thanks to Dane Springmeyer (Closes: #624934)
> #
> limit source mapnik
Limiting to bugs with field 'source' containing at least one of 'mapnik'
Limit currently set to 'source':'mapnik'

> tags 624934 + pending confirmed
Bug #624934 [src:mapnik] mapnik: FTBFS: src/datasource_cache.cpp:146:77: error: 
invalid initialization of reference of type 'const string&' from expression of 
type 'boost::filesystem3::path'
Added tag(s) confirmed and pending.
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