Francesco wrote:
> I tried to update opencpn to the current upstream version,


the version I last built against was 2.4.523 (aka May 23 beta for the
2.5.0 stable release due later this month), see the debian/changelog.

2.4.606 seems a new beta release (.606 == June 6), I'll work on that
in the next day or so.

> but got an error:
> /tmp/buildd/opencpn-2.4.606/src/s52plib.cpp: Assembler messages:
> /tmp/buildd/opencpn-2.4.606/src/s52plib.cpp:5550: Error: symbol `l0' is 
> already defined
> Error 1

ok, looks like conflicting globals from multiple linked libraries. I'll see
what I can find.

> so please load your version on the svn repository under tarballs/ branch
> to at least try building the previous version.

ok, if you like. It would be cleaner to note a git checkout of the exact
version, Paul W. (pabs) suggested such a thing but I am still getting to
grips with git. I think the watch file for the 2.5 package upload should
point to the stable source tarball on sourceforge (when it becomes

also a custom git checkout to make the .orig.tar.gz would allow us to not
include the mswindows/ and macosx/ dirs, solving the .dll and .exe build-
helper-binaries mentioned below.

> I noted the upstream tree is full of binaries which require
> apparently a nearby licensing analysis....

yes, Paul noticed that too in his mentors review. (I hadn't even looked in
that dir 'til then..) The main one I'm concerned about is the standard MS
VC++ redistributable. I can't see any legalese on the download page for it,
probably you only see that on the click-through at install time.  ??
Anyway I've started a thread about it on the OpenCPN forum, but no good
answer or action on it yet.

I'm 98% sure the (c)Nullsoft installer ones are GPL/GPL compatible.

I owe Paul a long reply/update about the package status, maybe it answers
some more questions. stay tuned.


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