Hamish wrote:
> > ps- these days since disk space is cheap, I wonder if we can
> > finally ship a gmt-coast-high package instead of needing to
> > run the bundled script to get that.

> I would ask ftp-masters about that.

It would seem the /usr/sbin/gmt-coastline-download may
no longer work if you choose the main ftp site:

as it only has the latest 45mb version available as a single

The sites marked in the script with a "*" do have the old
versions, e.g.:

[the 2.1 version of the gshhs data was 30mb for full-res and 9.5mb
for high-res .bzip2 dataset. compare to the huge fgfs-base

if we wish to preserve the old versions maybe we should put a
copy on Alioth(MkII) instead of relying on a 3rd party site
which may go away at any time? (the .au ftp site doesn't work
for me right now at all)

Ultimately I'd like the zyGrib, opencpn, etc packages which also
provide coastline copies to all depend on a single data package.
(to this end I've already patched opencpn to use xtide's package)


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