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- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
Debian release
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Alan Boudreault (4):
      Changed build-dep libsqlite3-dev to (>= 3.5.0)
      Added spatialite_tool and spatialite_osm binaries in spatialite-bin
      Changed sqlite3 build-dep required version: spatialite uses the hot 
backup interface of sqlite3: 3.6.11
      New upstream pre-release candidate of spatialite: 2.4.0~rc4

David Paleino (45):
      Merge branch 'upstream'
      Merge commit 'upstream/2.4.0_rc4'
      Never been released
      Use "3.0 (quilt)" source format.
      Patch renamed
      systemlibs.diff renamed to 00-systemlibs.patch, and refreshed to only 
include significant changes. Autotools files are now updated and cleaned by 
      debian/rules rewritten using dh7.
      Temporarily ignore make errors, since 'unpack' is not recognized
      debian/rules: rename get-orig-tarball target to get-orig-source.
      Require unpack also during cleanup
      New orig tarball layout
      Merge commit 'upstream/2.4.0_rc4'
      Update Vcs-* fields to reflect SVN→Git migration
      Policy bumped to 3.9.2, without changes.
      Added myself to Uploaders
      Rewrapped multi-line fields
      Fix get-orig-source to be used with 3.0.0-BETA
      Merge commit 'upstream/3.0.0_beta20110817'
      New upstream pre-release
      Split 'foreign' addition to AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS from 00-systemlibs.patch.
      Add Build-Depends on libfreexl-dev
      Don't remove now-populated dirs
      Fix debian/rules
      New spatialite tools
      Generalize library installation
      Temporarily disable patch
      Temporarily disable autoreconf
      Added symbols file for previous version
      Drop no-more supported options
      Fix clean target
      Fix linkage issues
      SONAME bumped
      Refresh patch not to need autoreconf
      Patch renamed, and fix chroot FTBFS
      B-D on pkg-config
      Reference local headers
      Fix quoting
      Add to patch
      Bump debhelper compatibility to 8
      Fix typos in source code
      Add lintian override
      Add missing symbols
      Remove duplicate section
      More missing symbols
      Releasing to sid

Francesco Paolo Lovergine (21):
      Creating trunk directory
      [svn-inject] Applying Debian modifications to trunk
      Added init_spatialite sql script.
      commit 25c0b0cd7c625d4beb057fb4f99819d8047a2293
      New upstream release.
      Some more fixes.
      commit 67e588a4e61f1b18f2662d15ad2a4dc1cb94ef3e
      Minor changes.
      New version 2.3.1 and fixes for RC bug.
      Updated to 2.4.0rc2
      Fixed an oversight.
      Fixing RC bug.
      Minor useful update for allowing spatialite to work with gdal 1.7
      Added a couple of missing binaries.
      Wrong version fixed.
      Closing bug.
      Update get-orig-tarball and bumped policy.
      Updated system patch for RC4
      Fixed patch for external libs.
      Logged change to patch
      Removed superfluous pkg-config configuration change.


geospatial extension for SQLite

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