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- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
releasing version

Francesco Paolo Lovergine (1):
      Minor changes and merging of Bernd changes

Petter Reinholdtsen (22):
      Add build rules for gosmore.
      Correct version number.
      Try again to upload to debian.
      Make the Debian GIS group the maintainer, and myself an uploader.
      Need to build-depend on libgtk2.0-dev
      Build-depend on flite-dev to get speech synthesis.
      Build-depend on gpsd to support showing current GPS position.
      New release
      Change menu section from Apps/Science to
      Correct the copyright file.
      Uploads were rejected, start from scratch.
      Define ROUTE_TEST during build to enable route finding.  Explain why gpsd 
is a dependency.
      Mention copyright update and fix target distro.
      * Change priority from important to optional.  The important
      Release version
      * Change build-depend on gpsd to libgps-dev | gpsd (<< 2.34.dfsg-1) to 
      New patch 10_bad_gpsd_header.dpatch to make sure the defines required
      Make sure to depend on a version of libgps-dev with the gpsd_config.h 
      Wrap lines and correct first entry.
      Merge in NMU.
      Add Francesco Paolo Lovergine as uploader.


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