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> [..]
> This package needs a little work, but is in much (much) better shape than
> what's currently in the official debian archives, and the task is made
> simpler by temporarily switching off all the Mapnik 0.7 + PostGIS stuff.

If the problem is only Mapnik, I can give a hand porting it. Usually it's
easy :)

> fwiw the 300-500mb OpenStreetMap world coastline packages used for Mapnik
> support are not uploaded to Debian-official, but can be swapped out for the
> much smaller Natural Earth global coastline shape- files (which are licensed
> in the public domain and would be nice to have as an official debian package).

I'm already planning to package both OSM world coastline and various Natural
Earth shapefiles. They can be handy for TileMill too (see ITP #644767)

That said, I'm not having particular technical issues with those shapefiles --
just not enough time. But I don't see them as a prioritary task, so I guess
they can wait a bit more :)


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