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On Jan 30, 2012, at 7:29 PM, Sylwester Arabas wrote:
>> ...
>> Currently hdf5 does not provide an MPI version installable with the serial 
>> one
> But I don't need the serial version at all. The only reason I wan't to install
> HDF4 on this machine is to have the MPI IO available in netCDF4, and since it 
> is implemented via HDF4 I need an MPI-enabled HDF4 install.
>> ... due to upstream bad habit of using the same name and sonames for all
>> versions (serial,parallel and so on). So you have to use the serial version.
>> One possibility would be providing parallel versions for all buildable
>> chains of tools, as an alternative, but it would be very complicated.
>> See #591346 for information about this issue and try to convince upstream
>> to support at least properly parallel flavors.
> If I understand correctly, this bug refers to a hdf-mpi/hdf-serial conflict,
> so again: my issue if kind of different.

Quoting the netcdf INSTALL file:

> 3.4.1 Building HDF5 for Parallel I/O
> ------------------------------------
> For parallel I/O to work, HDF5 must be installed with -enable-parallel,
> and an MPI library (and related libraries) must be made available to
> the HDF5 configure...


> 3.4.3 Building NetCDF
> ---------------------
> To build netCDF with parallel I/O, build as usual, but point the
> configure at a version of HDF5 that has been built for parallel I/O. 


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