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> user
Setting user to (was
> found 632955 0.9.6
Bug #632955 [mini-buildd-bld] mini-buildd-bld: fails to install
Bug Marked as found in versions mini-buildd/0.9.6.
> found 656366 0.5.1+git20111211-2
Bug #656366 [vdr-plugin-streamdev-client] vdr-plugin-streamdev-client: fails to 
purge after upgrade from squeeze - diversions not removed
Bug Marked as found in versions vdr-plugin-streamdev/0.5.1+git20111211-2.
> affects 656103 + libgdal-dev
Bug #656103 [libcf-dev] libcf-dev: fails to install, trying to overwrite other 
packages files
Added indication that 656103 affects libgdal-dev
> found 657754 013-4
Bug #657754 [dracut,dracut-network] dracut: fails to install when no kernel 
Bug Marked as found in versions dracut/013-4.
> affects 659784 + libatlas-base-dev
Bug #659784 [libblas3] libblas3: fails to upgrade from 'sid' to 'experimental' 
- update-alternatives fails
Added indication that 659784 affects libatlas-base-dev
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