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On Wed, 2012-02-15 at 21:00 +0100, Anton Gladky wrote:
> Hi all,
> there is a problem with installing paraview and gmsh together in sid now.
> gmsh requires libpetsc3.2, which is dependent on libhdf5-openmpi-7.
> paraview is dependent on hdf5-7, which is conflicting with 
> libhdf5-openmpi-7.

There's a similar problem with the MED library: it build-depends on
libhdf5-mpi-dev, which depends on libhdf5-openmpi-7, and hdf5-tools,
which depends on libhdf5-7.

> Any idea how to solve it?

Given that Paraview and PETSc are basically parallel (can run on 1 CPU
but are really built for more; MED is in the same category), I think it
makes sense for them both to link with libhdf5-openmpi-7.  So if
Paraview builds with libhdf5-mpi-dev that should solve this problem --
unless it requires hdf5-tools to build like MED.

Here are two other ways to solve the problem:
      * Change the sonames of the -openmpi, -mpich[2] and -lam HDF5
        libraries so libhdf5-7 does not conflict with libhdf5-openmpi-7
      * Make a new hdf5-mpi-tools package, or a set of four (one for
        each MPI implementation) with a meta-package depending on the
        arch-specific MPI implementation.

HDF5 team, what do you think?  I'd be happy to propose a patch for
either of the above remedies.

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