I was investigating #633893 and tried to contact the maintainer but the
@debian.org email address bounced. I checked the MIA tools and found
some extra email addresses which didn't bounce but to which I've had no
reply since Sat, 17 Mar 2012 11:45:45. (Those email addresses
added back to the BCC: of this email.) My second email also bounced
from the @d.o address.

The only other people listed as uploaders on these packages are also

The RC bug was since shown to be fixed, so it's closed. However, having
packages with a @d.o address which bounces isn't good. (Could easily
generate 20 RC bugs as per Policy 3.3)

Last seen:

As a first step to raising this with the MIA team, this is an attempt to
find out about Peter, to elicit a response so that the packages can be
updated or orphaned.


Packages concerned:
emacs-goodies-el g3data gri imgsizer jazip libforms libtcd mh-book mh-e
poster powstatd proj proj-ps-doc tcd-utils xcolmix xplot xtide
xtide-coastline xtide-data xwatch xtide-data-nonfree

Peter, if you are receiving email via these other email addresses but
just busy, please reply. If there is any way that the @d.o email address
forwarding can be fixed via db.debian.org, it would be very useful.
There's no forwarding set in db.debian.org currently.


Neil Williams

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