Yeah, for upstream it's probably better to use just the binary names.
I leave the bug open for the Debian maintainer and he can decide then
whether he wants to leave it as is then or change this.


On Tue, 2012-04-10 at 19:15 +0200, Activity Workshop wrote:
> Whoops, my mistake, you're right.
> Those fields shouldn't be empty, that's a bug which seems to have come
> in with version 13.
> Of course I'll fix that bug, and make sure that the paths are gnuplot,
> exiftool and gpsbabel instead of being blank.
> If you want it to explicitly set the paths to /usr/bin/gnuplot,
> /usr/bin/exiftool and /usr/bin/gpsbabel then this will have to be a
> Debian-specific patch, done by the Debian devs.  But as I said in my
> earlier mail, I don't think that is necessary for everything to work on
> Debian as you want it to.
> Thanks for your feedback,
> activityworkshop

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