Package: gpsdrive
Version: gpsdrive_2.10~pre4-6.dfsg-5+b2_i386.deb

When I invoke gpsdrive it says "Cannot init mapnik. Mapnik support DISABLED: 
Could not create datasource. No plugin found for type 'postgis' (encountered 
during parsing of layer 'leisure')"
and mapnik does not show up as button.

When I copy /usr/lib/mapnik/0.7 to 
/usr/lib/mapnik/0.6, the error message disappears, and the button Mapnik Mode 
in gpsdrive appears. But the mapnik maps do not show.

I assume the error message is caused by the line
++#define MAPNIK_PATH "/usr/lib/mapnik/0.6"
in gpsdrive_2.10~pre4-6.dfsg-5.diff.gz. 

I have mapnik working (tested with
gpsdrive with mapnik worked fine in lenny.

I am using Debian squeeze.

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