On Thu, Jun 07, 2012 at 10:27:53AM +0200, Helmut Grohne wrote:
> Package: libnetcdfc7
> Version: 1:4.1.3-6
> Severity: important
> The libnetcdfc7 has about 40 reverse dependencies of which 7
> (libnemesis3 libcdi0 libcmor2 libminc2-1 libexodusii5 libadios-dev
> python-cmor) already have Multi-Arch headers. So libnetcdfc7 blocks a
> number of packages from exercising their multiarch capabilities.
> Additionally the package contains only a single shared library making it
> a (seemingly) easy target for conversion. Setting severity to important
> as this is a release goal. Thanks for your help.

Unfortunately each of those r-deps has tons of other r-deps which are not
multi-arch and with a long chain of building (e.g. gdal requested weeks
for transitioning). Fixing this could start 
a domino effect which currently I'm still not able to understand completely 
with requests of m-a supports for dozens of other libs which also require
time for support and check (m-a support could impact with FTBSes many programs).
Doing that at a few days from freeze is out of question for me.
So, if someone would start with this m-a support and manage all consequences, 
that it's not me sorry. It should be start in experimental staging area and
a full rebuild of all r-deps should be done there too.

Francesco P. Lovergine

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