On 04/08/12 19:15, David Paleino wrote:
> Hello,
> 2012/8/4 Andrew Harvey <andrew.harv...@gmail.com>:
>> The tilelite packages uploaded in Debian are newer than the alioth git repo.
>> [..]
> I'm currently on vacation, and don't have a reliable internet connection.
> I will try to push my local commits (if any, I don't have my laptop handy),
> but can't assure anything.
> Also, we're in freeze, so there's really no rush to push a new tilelite to 
> sid.
> Kindly,
> David

No worries, I'm not in a rush to do anything on it (its already up to
date with upstream), I just came across it so have sent out a reminder.

So thanks, and no immediate rush.

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