Apologies if this isn't the right place to report such things...

I am experimenting with Wheezy (actually CrunchBang Waldorf) for some development projects and I found that the hdf5.mod file provided by the libhdf5-dev package seems to be built with an earlier version of gfortran and can't be used by newly built Fortran binaries. Gfortran gives an error "Wrong module version '6' (expected '9')" that I believe is based on the gfortran binary comptibility version.

I realize that Wheezy is testing level code so I am not sure that this situation is not perfectly normal, but if this is something you would normally want to avoid then here is one vote for updating this package. If such binary mismatches are OK/normal for Debian Testing branches then that would be good to know also so I don't waste time trying to use this as a development platform.

Thanks much!

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