On 23/09/12 16:30, David Paleino wrote:
> Hello Andrew,
> On Sun, 23 Sep 2012 01:07:51 +0000, Andrew Harvey wrote:
>> [..]
> I'm working on fixing #687965.
> Obviously the new upstream version won't enter testing. Next time, please 
> *ask*
> before doing such heavy work.

Hi David,

Okay I'll post to the list in the future.

Can we use git to store both lines of work? So put one of them in a
branch, and the other in master?

That way we can work on both the latest upstream in addition to
maintaining testing.

I don't intend 0.81.0 to enter testing, but I believe it is still useful
for being available in alioth, or possibly experimental or unstable?

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