On Wed, 24 Oct 2012, Michael Gilbert wrote:
> > Since we are in freeze, my whining about a single particular
> > segfault in h5dump most probably would be ignored in unstable/wheezy,
> > and experimental version cannot be uploaded to unstable due to freeze
> > procedure recommendations.  So would you maintain your position that I
> > should stick to unstable with a non-working for my case version?

> Segfaults are generally considered release critical, so I would
> suggest filing a bug specifically for that, and it will likely get
> fixed.

downgraded to sid versions... verified that it still happens, fired up
reportbug and then saw:

Bugs with severity normal
   6) #644994  segfault while using h5dump in /usr/lib/libhdf5.so.6

the one I (apparently) filed on 11 Oct 2011 and for which there is a mighty
workaround -- to specify "-w 65535" (thanks Sylvestre again).   Since it is
already a year since then, I obviously forgotten this important
workaround ;-)  

Feel free to raise a severity/fix it.  most probably the fix is somewhere
among commits upstream since fixed in experimental.

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