Hello and Good Day!


My name is Jessica, Business Development Consultant an international
marketing company the Silicon Valley of New Delhi.


While studying your website I couldn't help noticing it lacked any
significant ranking in Google - for any of your keywords.


As you already suspect, this means your site is virtually invisible to
potential customers searching for a supplier in your field.


It's as though you'd made an expensive TV ad and then forgotten to buy any
airtime for people to see it!


My company can solve this problem for you. Over 5 years experience in the
field of Search Engine Optimization. We have the expertise to send hundreds,
or even thousands, of customers to your website. We can quickly tell you:


How much potential web traffic is available in your marketplace and area?

How much traffic you could likely win?

What this would cost?


If you'd like to know this information, you're welcome to write back and
ask. I look forward to hearing from you.


Best Regards,


Business Development Consultant




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