Package: libgdal-dev
Version: 1.9.0-3.1
Severity: normal
Usertags: coinst-upgrades


Package libgdal-dev depends on libxerces-c2-dev which conflicts with
libxerces-c-dev. This makes it impossible to install it together with
the following development packages:

   libxerces-c-dev, libxml-security-c-dev, libxmltooling-dev,
   libshibsp-dev, libsaml2-dev, libxquilla-dev

Packages grass-dev, libmapnik2-dev, liblas-dev and libqgis-dev, which
depend on libgdal-dev, are also incompatible with these packages.

Would it be possible to switch libgdal-dev to Xerces 3 to resolve this


-- Jérôme Vouillon

PS: this issue was found using the coinst-upgrades tool
(see for information on this tool).

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