> Yep. Used,
> those files with md5sums of
> 60c1d5f7a6a36728b88db947359757ba  nsw.dbf
> 4b7c97864fdf18acd2bbe0af0d897f7c  nsw.shp
> d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e  nsw.shx
> and running
>     shp2pgsql nsw
> gives attached results.
> Using postgis package 1.5.3-2 (unstable)

Ok, the data files are the same but the postgis version is different.
I'm using package version 1.5.1-5 from stable.

I extracted the shp2pgsql binary from the unstable package and tried
running that, and it produced the output you attached. So I guess the
problem was fixed between stable and unstable.

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