Just a note that the postgis-java has been disabled in the current 2.0 package. We aren't familiar with java packaging and there were some bugs. If anyone knows Ant and Maven... I'm sure this can be fixed easily.


On 13-01-25 09:03 AM, Arto Jantunen wrote:
Moritz Lennert <mlenn...@club.worldonline.be> writes:

I would like to ping this issue. Is this "just" an issue of manpower, or are
there other reasons why PostGIS  is not packaged, yet ?

Postgis 2 is packaged in Git, but has not been uploaded to Debian (I
assume it exists in some version of Ubuntu, however). The fact that
Debian is currently frozen and attempting to release is also a
reason. We currently have the same version of Postgis in both unstable
and wheezy, which is an advantage in case Postgis still needs an update
before the release.

Normal updates to unstable will resume after wheezy is released.

Alan Boudreault

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