Hi Alan and devs,

Thanks for accepting my application on alioth.

I can explain the reason for the git clone of the pkg-grass mapserver
packaging. To summarize the thread on debian-gis, I needed a fix from
mapserver 6.2.1 to make the mapserver 6.0.1 package in wheezy handle
Content-Type headers including a charset. Looking at the other changes
in mapserver 6.2 I thought about packaging that for my own use since
there was no 6.2 package in Debian yet.

Sometime during my packing of 6.2.1 I found your changes in the
UbuntuGIS PPA and merged those into my git clone. As indicated in my
initial post to the thread I want to contribute those changes to the
DebianGIS team. I've been using Debian for little of 10 years now, and
I've always wanted to contribute more to the project than the occasional
bug report. Andreas Tille convinced me to finally take the plunge and
apply for team membership so I can contribute directly instead of being
forced to use my fork.

I've been procrastinating writing an email to Francesco, yourself and
Jerome asking about your plans for the MapServer stack packaging, as you
three seem to be the active maintainers of the package in Debian and
Ubuntu. The lack of feedback on the debian-gis thread made me think that
you're all just too busy to work on MapServer packaging currently.

Are the changes for the UbuntuGIS package in a local git clone that can
be pushed to git.debian.org? Then I can generate clean patches for my
changes on top of that. So we don't have to pollute the history with my
mistakes and their subsequent fixes in a later commit.

I've also been working on packaging MapCache 1.0.0 which I'll also move
to git.debian.org. As far as I could find there is no packaging for that
yet, only for an older git branch. My packaging is based on the 1.0.0
tarball release, and currently lives in my git repo too:


Francesco, can you share your thoughts on the packing of the MapServer
stack, and how you'd like to proceed with that?

Kind Regards,


On 05/24/2013 11:44 PM, Alan Boudreault wrote:
> Devs,
> Could anyone explain me the use of the following repository?
> http://git.linuxminded.nl/?p=pkg-grass/mapserver;a=summary
> Looks like we are duplicating a lot of effort here. If I recall
> correctly, there were already a working package for debian of mapserver
> 6.2.0 in the official debian git. It would be interesting to get your
> improvements in the official repo.
> Best Regards,
> Alan
> On 13-05-24 05:17 PM, Bas Couwenberg wrote:> There were already a
> working debian package for 6.2.0 in the official debian repository.
>> Package: cgi-mapserver
>> Followup-For: Bug #706157
>> Dear Sven and Debian GIS team,
>> As mentioned on the debian-gis list [1] I've been working on packaging
>> mapserver
>> 6.2.1 for Debian. My changes are available in the git repo mentioned
>> in the
>> message, and I've uploaded a build for unstable to mentors.
>> [1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-gis/2013/05/msg00001.html
>> ...snip...

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