On Sun, Jun 09, 2013 at 07:08:32PM +0200, Anton Gladky wrote:
> ../../../../tools/lib/h5tools_str.c: In function 'h5tools_str_indent':
> ../../../../tools/lib/h5tools_str.c:635:1: error: expected expression
> before '/' token
> make[3]: *** [h5tools_str.lo] Error 1
The code:

//    ctx->need_prefix = 0;

As far as I know this code shouldn't compile only with -ansi/-std=c90 but
then it should FTBFS on all architectures/gcc versions while it compiles
just fine on all others. Unfortunately the compile commands are not
visible in the log so it's hard to say how is this file compiled on ia64.


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