I recently uploaded postgis-2.0.3 to Debian unstable as well as to
pgapt, where it gets compiled against multiple Postgres major versions.

On Debian proper, packages for Intel architectures work just fine.
However, all others have issues. The build status is available here:

Here's a summary - in the order of how far the build process goes. The
link above contains a summary plus links to full build logs, including
outputs of the test suite and the diff for failed tests (sorry for
screwing up the $LOGFILE output, you need to figure out yourself, which
diff is which):

arm, mips, sparc, s390, powerpc (i.e. an endianness issue): lwgeom cunit

  Test: test_lwgeom_force_clockwise ... FAILED
    1. cu_libgeom.c:750  - CU_ASSERT_STRING_EQUAL(in_ewkt,out_ewkt)

armel, armhf:

>  tickets .. failed (diff expected obtained: /tmp/pgis_reg/test_66_diff)

mipsel (topology tests)

 regress/addface .. failed (diff expected obtained:
 regress/addface2.5d .. failed (diff expected obtained:
 regress/addtopogeometrycolumn .. failed (diff expected obtained:
 regress/polygonize .. failed (diff expected obtained:
 regress/st_addisoedge .. failed (diff expected obtained:
 regress/st_getfacegeometry .. failed (diff expected obtained:

The java jdbc parts failed to compile with gcj-jdk, so I made the
package require at least openjdk-6-jdk. That's why kFreeBSD cannot
build. Hurd fails because of libgdal not being available, there.

I have access to a Debian box running arm, which I can use to test
patches on.


Markus Wanner

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