notfound 663875 mapserver/5.6.5-2+squeeze2

On 02/22/2013 08:27 AM, carlo pelliconi wrote:
> Package: cgi-mapserver
> Version: 5.6.5-2+squeeze2
> Severity: normal
> I've installed mapserver-bin, cgi-mapserver and php5-mapscript from aptitude. 
> when asking mapserv -v it appears SUPPORTS=AGG, but when I use DRIVER AGG 
> inside mapserver, I get an error saying AGG/PNG driver is not configured. I 
> found the error using geomoose 2.6

You have a different problem than the one reported for this bug. Version
5.6.5-2+squeeze2 does not contain the typo in debian/rules, see:

In your case the problem may be that you need to specify "DRIVER
AGG/PNG" or "DRIVER AGG/JPEG" in your mapfile instead of only "DRIVER AGG".

I don't have a squeeze VM at hand to reproduce your problem, and because
squeeze is oldstable now I recommend upgrading to wheezy if you're able.

An updated package for wheezy is in the works which fixes the typo in
debian/rules. MapServer 6.0.1 in wheezy may or may not fix your problem,
if it doesn't please file a new bug with relevant mapfile configuration
to reproduce the issue.

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