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It appears all packages need to transition to B-D on libtiff5-dev.

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Subject:        Re: Why does libgeotiff-dev depend on libtiff5-dev ?
Date:   Sat, 15 Jun 2013 16:35:55 -0600
From:   Gordon Haverland <>
Organisation:   Matter Realisations
To:     Alastair McKinstry <>

On June 15, 2013, you wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm investigating
> and
> wondering whats going on:
> Grads fails to build due to a B-D conflict,
>   grads (= 2:2.0.1-1) build-depends on one of:
>   - libgeotiff-dev (= 1.3.0+dfsg-3)
>   libgeotiff-dev (= 1.3.0+dfsg-3) depends on one of:
>   - libtiff5-dev (= 4.0.2-6)
>   libtiff4-dev (= 3.9.6-11) and libtiff5-dev (= 4.0.2-6)
> conflict libgd-dev (= 2.1.0~rc2-1) depends on one of:
>   - libtiff4-dev (= 3.9.6-11)
>   libgd2-xpm-dev (= 2.1.0~rc2-1) depends on one of:
>   - libgd-dev (= 2.1.0~rc2-1)
>   grads (= 2:2.0.1-1) build-depends on one of:
>   - libgd2-xpm-dev (= 2.1.0~rc2-1)
>   - libgd-dev (= 2.1.0~rc2-1)
> I'm unfamiliar with the history of libtiff4 / tiff5, but
> libgd-dev depends on libtiff-dev ; can anyone answer:
> (1) why does libgeotiff-dev depend on libtiff5-dev?
> (2) why libtiff5-dev not provide the virtual libtiff-dev?
> Best regards
> Alastair


I am not a developer or a Debian maintainer.  I have built stuff 

A little while ago (weeks), there was a problem with TeXLive that 
if people ran into a problem with a package not installing (I 
think the package was tex-common) in unstable, that a user could 
either downgrade libkapthsea by one version, or upgrade to all of 
the 2013 TeXLive.  In the discussion of that bug, was a reference 
to this libtiff-4/5 dichotomy.  I believe the tie in to TeX is 
involving ghostscript.

As near as I can tell, the cause for the libtiff-4/5 dichotomy, is 
libjpeg related.  Aparently libjpeg is not being developed by 
Independent JPEG group any more.  Maybe.  Debian was using JPEG-8.  
Some person has apparently taken over the title of Independent 
JPEG Group, and has started development on a JPEG-9.  Somebody 
forked JPEG-8, and produced a faster library that is supposed more 
useful.  Some distirbutions of Linux are following the faster 
fork, and some are following this IJG thing which may or may not 
be a continuation of JPEG-8.  And someone asked questions about 

It kinds of sounds like the Debian maintainer wants to go JPEG-9 
from IJG, and apparently Fedora is following the faster fork.  One 
branch is tied to libtiff-4, and the other to libtiff-5.

And that is as far as I got in investigating.

And I may be completely wrong.


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