The following commit has been merged in the master branch:
commit 8e93c8deadc9edbf115e8e806babd1a377ee2c31
Author: Andreas Tille <>
Date:   Thu Sep 12 22:08:36 2013 +0200

    Add missing Depends: libosm-gary68-perl

diff --git a/debian/control b/debian/control
index e6bba0d..a6d0df2 100644
--- a/debian/control
+++ b/debian/control
@@ -16,8 +16,8 @@ Depends: ${misc:Depends},
-         libmath-complex-perl
-#Suggests for parsing local OSM files - not yet packaged
+         libmath-complex-perl,
+         libosm-gary68-perl
 Description: create GPX-Tracks from OSM relation 
  This script can download GPX tracks from a given OSM relation
  to feed it to your GPS device.  Most relations are not ordered

create GPX-Tracks from OSM relation

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