Package: libosgearth1
Version: 2.4.0+dfsg-4
Severity: serious
Usertags: piuparts


during a test with piuparts I noticed your package is no longer
installable in sid:

Package: libosgearth1
Source: osgearth
Version: 2.4.0+dfsg-4
Depends: libosgearth2, libosgearthannotation2, libosgearthfeatures2, 
libosgearthqt2, libosgearthsymbology2, libosgearthutil2
Description-en: Transitional dummy package for libosgearth2

Package: libosgearth2
Source: osgearth
Version: 2.4.0+dfsg-4
Replaces: libosgearth1, osgearth (<< 1.4-2)
Provides: libosgearth1
Breaks: libosgearth1, osgearth (<< 1.4-2)

Library transitions don't work this way. If the soname changes, the
libraries are not compatible. Otherwise there would be no need for a
soname change. So
  * turn back the time before the upload of 2.4.0 and request a proper
    library transition slot (reportbug, select
    "transition" - too late now, and as it turns out, there are no
    rdeps, so this is not needed)
  * drop the transitional package libosgearth1
  * don't Provide its name
  * fix all rdepends that need manual changes to build against
  * request binNMUs for all packages previously built against
    libosgearth1 (that list looks empty - so nothing to do here)



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