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 tagged by  Bas Couwenberg
        on  Thu Sep 26 20:47:06 2013 +0200

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 2.0.1

Alexander Bruy (54):
      more translatable strings in OSM plugin
      [BACKPORT] remove executable flag from fTools sources
      [BACKPORT] don't block QGIS main window when running Merge shapefiles
      [BACKPORT] fTools: update layers lists after adding new layer to TOC (fix 
      [BACKPORT] add What's this to Help menu (implement #4179)
      [BACKPORT] fix broken Assign projection functionality in GDALTools and
      Added Python wrappers for QgsZonalStatistics
      new nice icon for Extract projection tool. Thanks, Robert!
      [BACKPORT] fix holes in Union output (fix #3581)
      minor UI fix in vector layer properties dialog
      [BACKPORT] Union and Symetrical difference works only on whole layer
      [BACKORT] move Add attribute button in New vector layer dialog (fix 
#2749) and some other minor UI fixes
      [BACKPORT] New vector layer dialog - show CRS as authid-description pair
      [BACKPORT] run Split vector layer tool in separate thread to prevent UI
      [BACKPORT] don't change cursor to hourglass for fTools that runs in
      [BACKPORT] move database related plugins to Database menu and create
      [BACKPORT] mark project dirty when added or removed composer (fix #3577)
      remove debug output from fTools (again)
      remove some debug output from fTools
      don't keep shortcuts after uninstalling standalone version (fix #2977)
      [BACKPORT] use native separators in filename edit widget (fix #2992)
      [BACKPORT] sort layers and fields alphabetically in fTools (fix #4412)
      use project title as default filename in Save and Save as dialogs
      [BACKPORT] add extension to new GPX file if user ommit it (fix #4623)
      new icons for RGB to PCT and PCT to RGB tools from Robert
      minor UI fix in New SpatiaLite Layer dialog
      [BACPORT] fix Merge shapefile to one crash when used layers mode
      [BACKPORT] fix Query builder from layer properties when layer name in
      remove references to Extract projection tool which was pushed by mistake
      new gis theme icon for Merge shapefiles tool. Thanks to Robert
      [BACKPORT] use native projection selector in New SpatiaLite layer
      [BACKPORT] add extension to new SpatiaLite database if user ommits it
      [BACKPORT] don't ask for CRS when opening New Shapefile dialog (fix #4379)
      [BACKPORT] update QgsGenericProjectionSelector bindings
      [BACKPORT] display CRS in fTools as authid-description pair
      support for cyrillic symbols in raster metadata (fix #4452)
      show warning when user tried to create field 'shape' in shapefile (fix 
      always save last used dir in Raster terrain analysis plugin (fix #4693)
      save last used dirs and last used filter in GPSTools plugin (fix #1209).
      display real band number for multiband rasters when single band gray
      don't overwrite existing classes when reclassify in graduated symbol
      avoid useless canvas redraw when user interacts with scale selector
      clear collected plugins path before collecting svg path
      display plugins from additional paths in Plugin Manager (fix #4178)
      add checkbox for "-dstalpha" option in GDALTools Clipper tool
      fix highlighting for identify tool when OTF enabled (closes #4843)
      fix Intersect lines tool
      enable Toggle editing button depending on layer type (fix #4965)
      case insensitive search for CRS in WMS provider
      better fix for #5010
      fix windows build
      apply Merge Shapefiles fixes from master
      fix #5097
      also count points that intersects polygon bounds (fix #5163)

Bas Couwenberg (1):
      Imported Upstream version 2.0.1

Even Rouault (1):
      OGR provider: don't segfault when the layer cannot be retrieved (e.g. 
datasource with 0 layer)

Gary Sherman (1):
      [BACKPORT] Make the capitalization of menu items and tools consistent in 
the main window and layer popup UI.

Giuseppe Sucameli (10):
      fix gdaltools error checking for ogr layers
      [FEATURE] Make the gdaltools command editable to fix #3041
      Handle raster layer's transparency band while rendering (fix #2491)
      fix #4466
      make v.what.vect working with GRASS 6.4.2rc2 (fix #4552)
      [BACKPORT] find python on OSX (partially fix #3097)
      add helpful info to GdalTools Settings dialog on how to configure GDAL 
      [BACKPORT] Enable path to pymods in GdalTools settings dialog and 
automatically set default OSX environment (fix #3170)
      backport: fix invalid list index in identify results causing wrong result 
or segfault accessing actions from context menu
      fix #4465 to make the GRASS plugin working with GRASS 6.4.2RC2

Jean-Roc Morreale (1):
      update some fr strings for 1.7.4

Jeremy Palmer (1):
      Added sorting to WFS layer tree grid widget

Juergen E. Fischer (55):
      wms provider updates:
      fix #4331
      fix #4282
      yet another take on matching proj4string in our database
      drop non-existing slot
      For EPSG initialize GDAL CRS from authid instead of proj.4 string
      fix windows build
      when intializing from WKT favourize EPSG instead of PROJ.4
      german translation update
      debian packaging update for 1.7.2
      make relative paths default
      fix tab restoration in project properties
      debian packaging: update changelog for 1.7.3
      backport 3d41384ce89b3b0bb881955782bfe386a6f13e5c (closes #4633)
      remove "unsynced" EPSG CRS that are not listed in GDAL (closes #4652)
      enable wait cursor when wms search is ongoing (closes #4625)
      fix crash when project is not yet saved
      fix #4647 (introduced in 3b9b2d - track backports please)
      postgres provider: remove ctid limitation to 32bit
      gdal provider: add statusChanged signal and fix debugging output
      fix #4694
      disable rendering while legend group is removed
      fix #4478
      fix #4646
      fix runtime warnings
      fix #3963
      fix #3185 and #4689
      update for sip 4.13
      fix #4402
      fix #4371
      fix sip annotation
      fix #4305
      implement #4217
      query  builder: support null values in values lists
      ogr provider:
      fix #4736
      german translation update
      fix broken wms backport (introduced with b8476345; fixes #4648)
      backport 646ff6f
      osgeo4w packaging: update to GRASS 6.4.2RC3
      readd google mercartor (pseudo epsg:900913) removed with with 
42e02d82c05b4da370be77ef71345ba62457cc66 (IssueID #4652)
      use native file dialogs wherever possible (fixes #3763)
      save and restore position of merge attribute dialog
      reject empty field names in QgsVectorLayer::addAttribute
      execute undo stack on rollBack() (fixes #4635)
      vector layer save as: replace 'original crs' with 'layer crs' and 
'project crs' - OTFR doesn't matter anymore (fixes #4109)
      german translation update
      osgeo4w: switch to Python 2.7 and GRASS 6.4.2
      update version number
      backport 813609fe
      fix windows build
      debian packaging: update changelog
      fix lenny build
      remove geoimage austria wms server
      use GDAL_FIX_ESRI_WKT in QgsOgrProvider::crs (fixes #5066 with GDAL 1.9)

Marco Hugentobler (16):
      Enhance maximum for point displacement tolerance (ticket #4319)
      Add feature bounding box to GetFeatureInfo response if invoked with 
filter and without x/y coordinates
      Fix label id for GetPrint in composer
      Fix shift in point displacement renderer
      Fix for ticket #4308
      Set prompt as default behaviour for unknown CRS
      Fix stopRender call in graduated symbol renderer
      Hide query entry in legend context menu for layers with joins
      Fix detection of CRS meter units
      Initialize default symbol to 0 in rule based renderer
      Fix crash with relative file paths if projPath is not yet defined
      More precise composer map rotation (ticket #4632)
      [backport] Skip attribute values with invalid variant type (fixes ticket 
      [backport]: fix for attribute shift in form when invoked from table
      [Backport]: disable abort if avoid intersections returns a different 
geometry type (e.g. multitype instead of singletype). Temporary solution for 
ticket #4880
      QGIS server: backport of fix for user SLD

Martin Dobias (12):
      Ensure that we have a valid line in line decoration (#4241)
      Fix for a crash in projection selection
      Enable "add direction symbol" only for line layers (#4387)
      Allow setting I/O encoding for OGR layers in vector layer properties.
      Fix #4439
      Fix #4444. Patch by Vaclav Petras
      Fix fix for #4439
      Add default gradient ColorBrewer color ramps from Anita
      Fix #4479 - trigger "new color ramp" always when activated
      Fix for a crash in projection selection
      Fix label orientation with line dependent position (#3643)
      Increase scale range (#3189)

Nathan Woodrow (2):
      Help viewer: Add nicer help not found message; reduce margins
      Use zoom to mouse by default.  Fixes #5054

Radim Blazek (9):
      GRASS version support
      GRASS version support
      #3723 fix, sync transparency table with raster
      #3576 fix, load default raster style
      set raster stats bandName and bandNumber, fixes one problem of #4193 - 
band name can only be set to "" or "Not set".
      set min/max values if available for single band, set 
StretchToMinimumMaximum if min/max are available for grayscale, fixes part of 
#4193 - GRASS rasters are drawn in gray
      use double instead of float for min/max values, fixes #4315
      reload default color table
      No data values fix. Very small numbers were used instead of very big 
numbers for FCELL and DCELL - 0 values were rendered as null. Better looking 
values used because are shown in GUI

Richard Duivenvoorde (1):
      fix for #4500, endlessloop because of too small tolerance

Sandro Santilli (3):
      Label direction symbol shouldn't depend on "map" vs. "line" orientation.
      Add support for modulo operator (%) in rule based rendering. See ticket 
      Simplify code handling geography and support postgis-2.0 WKB (sqlmm; 
fixes #4767)

Sergey Yakushev (1):
      RoadGraph: fix runtime warnings

Tim Sutton (13):
      [BACKPORT] Partially address - don't assert when things 
go wrong. Still needs to give user some decent feedback somehow but at least it 
shouldnt crash QGIS
      Updated version no in banner
      Added QUrl include
      [BP17]Added Voralberg as silver sponsor
      Merge branch 'release-1_7' of into release-1_7
      Applied fix for #4283
      Added gource script (thanks Nathan) and qgis download stats
      Added simple script to generate a tarball
      [BACKPORT] apply fix to invalid reference to trac #4440
      Merge branch 'release-1_7' of into release-1_7
      Removed Alex from contributors since he is in AUTHORS
      Added some comments explaining how alpha works
      [BACKPORT] Formatting changes only for raster color ramp shader class

VKa (1):
      Fix Union tool to produce correct attribute table (fix #4567)

Werner Macho (36):
      Revert "drop non-existing slot"
      Revert "Add feature bounding box to GetFeatureInfo response if invoked 
with filter and without x/y coordinates"
      updated splash and changelog for 1.7.2 to release
      update changelog with alexbruys backports
      last minute changes for 1.7.2 release
      last changes preparing 1.7.2 bugfix release
      changed version number
      preparing for branch
      translation update: mn by Bayarmaa
      translation update: small typo fix
      translation update: pt_BR
      translation update: string updates to pt_BR
      preparing for 1.7.3 release
      last changes for 1.7.3 release
      prepare 1.7.4 release
      translation update: add et to release-1_7 on request
      translation update: string updates for 1_7
      translation update: lv by peteris
      translation update: pt_BR by arthur
      translation update: ru by Artem
      translation update: es by Carlos
      translation update: hu by Zoltan
      translation update: cs_CZ by Jan
      translation update: es by carlos
      fix typo myPath_s_
      translation update: added korean translation thanks to Sanghee and the 
korean team
      change splash for possible release candidates - will be changed back once 
testphase is over
      Merge pull request #90 from Jean-Roc/release-1_7
      translation update: lv by Maris
      translation update: pt_BR by Comunidade QGISBrasil
      translation update: et by Veiko
      translation update: pt_BR by Arthur
      translation update: added galician to 1.7 and update indonesian
      translation update: adjust strings to 1.7 release
      apply mac fix from Larry Shaffer
      fix build

William Kyngesburye (4):
      missed a bit for bundling qsqlite
      OS X build/install updates
      don't create framework folders if framework does not exist;
      more quoting in case there are empty variables, and tests for existence 
of files before executing commands

marco (6):
      Insert date value in attribute editor
      Fix for ticket #4414 (svg indicators for arrows are not shown)
      Refresh map list in composer table widget in showEvent. Ticket #4496
      Fix for segfault when changing crs and tabs in projection selector
      Save some time in node tool for geometry export and avoid detachs
      Ticket #4035

mattwigway (1):
      Corrected URLs for GitHub and for the issue tracker (it now points to 

pcav (17):
      Minor IT GUI translation improvements
      Fix to v.generalize for recent GRASS versions
      Typos in GRASS command list
      Fixing typos in IT GUI
      Fixed GRASS module to accept lines.
      Fix #4668 (GRASS r.sunmask modules)
      More options for the GRASS module
      Improved v.random GRASS module
      Simplify slope and aspect GRASS modules
      Adapting GRASS module list to previous changes
      Adder option to r.mask GRASS module
      Added option to r.slope grass module
      Added r.stats grass module
      Cleanup and improvements to r.external,, and GRASS 
      Minor edit to r.external grass module
      [FEATURE] Added v.extrude GRASS module Note: also added r.stats in a 
previous commit
      Added a module

root (1):
      More minor fix to IT GUI

szekerest (1):
      Improve the support for OGR/MSSQL driver


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