Is the package postgis-gui (or postgis-2.0-gui) still available with all your updates?


On 13-10-02 01:11 AM, Markus Wanner wrote:
Christoph, Marco,

I renamed the scripts package(s) to exclude the postgis version. That
hopefully simplifies packaging newer PostGIS versions in the future. And
keeps us from having to maintain an increasing amount of transitional

I tweaked the "can safely be removed" wording in the long description a
bit. However, please also keep in mind that the upgrade already makes
postgis-2.0 un-creatable. A postgis-2.0 package installed, the
transitional package cannot be removed due its dependency, though.

As discussed, I also automated the creation of .postinst, .templates,
and .config files for all transitional *-postgis-2.0-scripts packages.
Meaning these get created from debian/rules at build time.

I figured we best use debian/pgversions and subtract the Postgres
versions that were not supported by the former Postgis version. So that
we don't create postgresql-9.3-postgis-2.0-scripts, for example.

This however means we don't create postgresql-8.4-postgis-2.0-scripts,
either. Which I think is a good thing. Upon upgrade, the user won't get
a warning for 8.4-postgis-2.0, that way. I'd argue that's okay, as the
extension provided by postgresql-8.4-postgis-2.0{,-scripts} can continue
to work perfectly fine (including scripts), because there's no
postgis-2.1-scripts package to override it. And Debian usually doesn't
emit a notice in case support for a package runs out...

That also saves us from doing tricks with determining the set of old PG
versions supported depending on pgdg vs Debian proper.

Note: on Debian, this also means we don't ship a transitional
postgresql-9.1-postgis-2.0-scripts package. Its postgis 2.0 will
continue to work just fine. Once you add the pgapt repository and
upgrade, you'd still get that notice, though (and the "breakage").

What I didn't look at are translations. Lintian emits a warning, but
other than that, upgrades present me the English message. Given the
notice doesn't ever appear on Debian proper, so far, can we do without
translations (i.e. for pgapt)?

On top of that, I've been unable to merge the debconf templates. My
testing seems to indicate you cannot have a common 'templates' file
shared between multiple packages. If you know of a way to do that,
please let me know. In any case, due to the automatic generation, they
all stem from a single, anyways, now.
However, this might make translations even harder...

Does this all make sense to you? Did I miss anything? Can I finalize
2.1.0-4 for upload to unstable? (Which again needs a sponsor due to the


Markus Wanner

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