The annotated tag, upstream/1.10.1+dfsg has been created
        at  df78f48362f3c7f8b0a448111a12db47aed9f672 (tag)
   tagging  864bb9ee6237551dc25377be642bf59cb6c48644 (commit)
  replaces  upstream/1.10.0
 tagged by  Bas Couwenberg
        on  Fri Oct 4 01:36:41 2013 +0200

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 1.10.1+dfsg

Alan Boudreault (11):
      small fix to remove extra space if the doxygen patch
      New upstream release of gdal
      Added MrSID external plugin source support.
      Fixed spaces in mrsid-plugin patch
      Added libspatialite-dev dependency for libgdal1-dev
      New upstream release of gdal: 1.7.3
      Updated upstream source
      Updated a some debian files and patches
      Updated changelog
      minor change in rubymakefile patch
      fixed build option for ruby

Antonio Valentino (1):
      New package for Python 3 bindings

Aron Xu (1):
      Transitions: libjpeg-dev, dh_python2; more modifications: libpng-dev.

Bas Couwenberg (1):
      Imported Upstream version 1.10.1+dfsg

David Paleino (1):
      Fixed changelog

Fabio Tranchitella (2):
      Changes for the new debian release (1.3.2-3).
      Updated debian/watch.

Francesco P. Lovergine (15):
      Added mips symbol file.
      Use demangled symbols for C++ globals.
      Now using demangled symbols for C++ and arch-specific tags.
      Fixed syntax in (c++) tagged entries.
      Restoring amd64 symbol file.
      Removed amd64 and i386 arch symbols and introduced a generic symbol file.
      Fixed syntax error.
      Removed the ia64 symbol file.
      Including arch symbol files.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Moved to libkml driver.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Merging NMU and a few other long pending changes.

Francesco Paolo Lovergine (270):
      Creating main trunk in gdal
      Moving current debian tree to trunk
      Incorporating 1.3.1-6 changelog
      Revised ogrili2layer.cpp patch
      Moved to new python policy. The trick is rebuilding
      Preparing releasing 1.3.2-1
      Preparing release of 1.3.2-2
      Fixing #385747 in a silly way, upstream autoconf does not manage 
      Release 1.3.2-4
      Starting 1.4.0 packaging
      Closing #413126
      Added a few new build-dependencies to enable some features.
      Updating for 1.4.0
      Here we go: releasing 1.4.0-1 in experimental
      Moved gdal header files in /usr/include/gdal
      Fixed build-deps
      Preparing for unstable
      Starting new version
      New upstream version
      Reverting changes to package names.
      Reverted to libcurl3 use.
      Releasing 1.4.1-1
      Last changes before release missing
      Urgent fixing due to missing library generation
      Readding missing *.files
      Added OGDI support
      Starting 1.4.1-3
      Fixing libgdal1-dev dependencies and adding OGDI
      Fixing deps for -dev package. It seems appropriate for program which
      Reverting last changes.
      Preparing 1.4.1-3
      Fixing grave bug
      First changes for 1.4.1-5
      Moving to libcurl4-dev
      Releasing 1.4.1-5
      Missing final fix :-/
      Multiple fixes
      Revert changelog
      Fxing #429974
      Updating for 4.1.2
      Releasing 1.4.2-1
      Fixing for obsolete ${Source-Version}
      Adding perl/ruby binding mainly
      Fixing for perl binding
      Fixing for swig stuff generation
      Man pages fixes
      Final round for releasing 1.4.2-2
      Fix for ruby modules generation
      Starting -3
      Fixing minor lintian error
      Fixing perl bindings
      Changes for 1.4.3
      Fixing #450882
      Fixing Makefile -> GNUmakefile in debian/rules
      Sigh make distclean depends on GDALmake.opt
      New upstream release.
      Setting upstream merge mode
      Fixed swig.dpatch
      Removing obsolete patch
      Added swig build-dep
      Minor changes
      Starting 1.5.0 tree
      Missing update
      Patch fixed
      Main changes for 1.5.0 version.
      Preparing first 1.5.0 release
      Added conflicts for #462525
      Solving conflicts with 1.4 series
      Fixing for superfluous LICENSE.TXT file
      Fixating python support
      Fixing #463086
      Fixed python building
      Minor fix and preparing for release
      Adding gcc 4.3 patch
      commit 2a83f45dd079af6ce2552b3f7a0239488bcff935
      Final fixes
      Fixing for gcc 4.3
      Fixating #462709
      Fixing perl swig for C++
      commit b04ab301a0a5bba0f7803dac614e8e26d2ce2f5e
      New upstream version
      Fixating patchset
      Finalizing changelog
      Closing bug
      Fixating FTBS and xerces migration
      Fixes for python
      Releasing 1.5.1-3
      Fixing #473912
      Fixing GDAL/OGR internal embedded file paths
      The true patch
      Removed fake option
      Medium prioprity
      Tagged 1.5.1-4
      Added missing python scripts
      Fixing #484544
      commit c55f41666995cfd99e2f5bb9d233fe4525b8c3ef
      New upstream version
      Some minor useful changes
      Minor changes.
      Tagging as unreleased
      Fixating optional build-dep
      Missing patch
      Fixating patch
      Fixating (?) #489124
      Adding patch to avoid re-definition of sincos()
      Changing back optimization disabling
      Releasing 1.5.2-3
      Updated for 1.5.3
      Removing obsolete patches
      Updated for #505629
      Initial update for 1.6.0
      Patchset updated.
      Updated changelog.
      Fixed target and patch list.
      Ops, missing version fix.
      Python patch
      Long pending issues
      Minor patch to fix missing man page
      Fixating for use of dh_install
      Fixating doxygen patch for additional manpages.
      Tab required
      Some minor fixes for lintian complaining.
      Better changelog
      Fixating gdalpath
      Fixing for libtool
      Revised patch
      commit 7c479d6cdd9f0a3c2f2ffe7dfd27f6da1411e25e
      Fixed --with-libtiff
      commit 0a9ddebeb01a94edafb643f17358f20e6b5df20e
      Fixed typo.
      Introduced ODBC support for Pgeo.
      Merged minor chage from 1.5
      New patches and fixes for experimental.
      commit a84fe051f2dc73eb892ad1c84568b0f734bc37db
      Swig 1.3.38 has not problems with provided
      commit 074eb5c8201442b6e8807bb228d21bf1b2790c10
      commit 198d9f04b6ad1b616ccf857f10ca5247cf1c9b8c
      Ready for upload.
      commit d16ae4cceca97979811d8ad33e699d47cc00c835
      Missing patch committed.
      New upstream version.
      commit ecc603ebc2d08f6965c11d1470d647de3a2fb062
      Ready for release.
      One more binary.
      commit 9ddba4aef44414db08b60ffce3cc012560eea91f
      Remove unuseful/wrong patches for 1.6.1
      Removed swig regeneration at building time.
      Switching to python swig specific management.
      Fixed python oddity
      Ready for unstable
      Minor changes
      Ready for unstable
      Ready for 1.6.2
      Minor fixes
      Appliying missing patch
      Removed egg meta-info removing.
      commit 8f20c6aa04dcd6ce3052351825f5a30c786ede53
      Added ECW external plugin source support.
      Fixed ecw patch by removing a superfluous file.
      Better changelog
      Fixed #560019
      Fixed typos.
      Minor change to ecw patch.
      A little change to manage current doxygen problems.
      Fixing serious bug.
      A better fix :-/
      Merging branch 1.7 into main trunk.
      Preparing for 1.7.3 upload.
      Fixed a few simple packaging issues.
      Merge branch 'upstream'
      Merge commit 'upstream/1.7.3'
      Moved to format 3.0, debhelper 8 and quilt.
      Changed gdalplugins directory.
      Update copyright file and added libepsilon support.
      Merge commit 'upstream/1.8.0'
      Moving to 1.8 branch.
      Changed clean up for perl stuff.
      Refreshed patches.
      Residual changes for 1.8 version.
      Verbose listing
      Better list
      Fixed perl path used by current swing binding.
      Removed explicit listing.
      Commenting out libtool hack
      Fixed typo.
      Create missing html directory.
      Added one new binary and some minor changes to paths.
      Removing rpath embedding.
      Minor fix.
      Introduced symbol versioning for all symbols in the library.
      Now do not hide symbols.
      Fixed for sqlite3 linking.
      Fixed for libepsilon >= 0.9.1
      Fixed typo.
      Annotated changelog.
      Annotated changelog about libdap compatibility.
      Retaining rpath option.
      Modified to hide libtiff stuff.
      Changes to symvar script.
      Fixed watch file.
      Merge commit 'upstream/1.8.1'
      New upstream release 1.8.1, no changes required.
      Fixed changelog version.
      Refreshed all patches.
      Changing to versioned all global symbols.
      Hiding libtiff symbols.
      Annotating debian/changelog with closed reports.
      Added -Bsymbolic to force using internal symbols when colliding
      Added symbols file and -Bsymbolic
      Added embedded tiff library lintian override.
      Added per arch symbol files.
      Introduced per-arch C++ symbol files in demangled mode.
      Added armel symbol file.
      Added kfreebsd-* arch symbols support.
      Fixed tagging for alternative archs.
      Fixed ia64 and amd64 symbol files for demangled.
      Sigh, included symbol files requires header to work.
      Dropped versioned source name for libgdal binary.
      Reorganized arch symbol files.
      Better annotation in changelog.
      Added sparc C++ demangled symbols.
      Added conflict/provides/replaces for libgdal-dev against libgdal1-dev.
      Now debian/rules is compatible with the new naming scheme for libgdal1
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Added kfreebsd-* symfiles trick.
      Fixed paths in kfreebsd-* symfiles.
      Grr, added -f to link commands.
      New annotations.
      Added mipsel arch
      Removed libtool b-d.
      Added Replaces/Breaks for migrationg from current experimental 1.8 
      Specify stuff to install in perl package.
      Grrrr, renamed -dev package.
      Fixed .common symbols file.
      Moved to upstream version 1.9.0
      Added gdalsrsinfo tool to -bin package.
      Patchset refreshed.
      Refreshed doc patch.
      Resync against 1.9.0
      Fixed for new plugins dir
      First changes to symbol files for 1.9 series.
      Forces failure ignoring in running dpkg-gensymbols.
      Fixed gdalplugins path for 1.9
      Updated the debian NEWS file
      Merge branch '1.9' of ssh:// into 1.9
      Fixed a group of syntax errors in symbols files.
      Annotated changelog
      Fixed symbols files. One more round.
      New supports added.
      Revised copyright for definitive 1.0 format.
      Updated README.source info
      Enabled libkml support instead of the old one.
      Added b-d on liburiparser-dev for libkml test.
      Annotated the changelog for new b-d.
      Truly enabled lzma and armadillo supports.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Updated symfiles and fixed a bit README.source contents.
      FIxed numpy support.
      Reintroducing a proper transitional pkg libgdal1-dev to satisfy
      Some fixes to make lintian happy
      Added .PHONY targets in debian/rules
      Added conflicting against old libgdal1-dev for libgdal-dev
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Fixing ruby problem.
      Merging a.valentino changes for python3
      Minor changes for releasing in experimental
      Fixed version.
      Merge branches 'master', 'master' and 'upstream' of 
ssh:// into upstream

Jerome Villeneuve Larouche (5):
      Merge Upstream 1.9.1 branch
      Updated package for 1.9.1
      Merge commit 'upstream/1.9.2'
      Removed OGDI
      Added back OGDI

Paul Wise (1):
      * Switch to new Homepage field


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