Hi Johan,

to catch up from IRC discussion about sponsering:  I had a more detailed
look into your packaging.  At first we have to clarify in what
repository the package should reside.  In Debian Med team it is OK to
put also non-medical prerequisites into the Debian Med repository.  If
nobody on this list will disagree I think it is fine to follow this
example.  Otherwise I'd be fine by keeping it in collab-maint but this
has the disadvantage to fly below the radar of some Blends QA tools I'm
constantly working on.

In any case I would like you to follow the pkg-grass policy for
packaging which is available at


which means specifically the following workflow:

   1. Download the source (via uscan); BTW:
       $ uscan --report
       Processing watchfile line for package libharu...
       Newest version on remote site is 2.3.0, local version is 2.2.1
       libharu: Newer version (2.3.0) available on remote site:
        (local version is 2.2.1)
   2. git import-orig --pristine-tar /path/to/package_version.orig.tar.gz
      which leads to the following branches:
       $ git branch
       * master
   3. Edit debian/* files
   4. git-buildpackage

I insist on this kind of workflow since it enables all team members to
quickly dive into a certain package without any trouble.  Since you might
not be comfortable with this kind of workflow I'd volunteer to create
such a repository from scratch by importing the current status of

    git://git.debian.org/collab-maint/libharu.git -b debian

If you have strong reasons to derive from this workflow please tell me
and I might consider my requirement for the Vcs layout.

Regarding your actual packaging I would suggest to upgrade your
debian/control file via

    cme fix dpkg-control

which (see policy above what packages to use).  Moreover you should
upgrade debhelper to compatibility level 9 to profit from several new
features (hardening, auto testing if available).

Please tell me if something remains unclear to let me know whether I can

Thanks for your work on this package so far



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