The annotated tag, debian/1.8.12-3 has been created
        at  32ecbb3a46eb113c666fed253163b47139f20cef (tag)
   tagging  5bac55a328072a9278026a64ff902fe5d5ad7f5a (commit)
  replaces  debian/1.8.12-2
 tagged by  Gilles Filippini
        on  Sat Jan 4 23:09:32 2014 +0100

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
hdf5 Debian release 1.8.12-3

Gilles Filippini (7):
      Simplify DEFAULT_MPI retrieval in debian/rules.
      Enable arch arm64 in debian/rules.
      debian/rules: simplify build_openmpi detection
      mpich2 to mpich transition.
      Install /usr/bin/h5p{c,f}c with mpi-dev packages.
      Introduce pkg-config files for the -dev packages.
      Upload release 1.8.12-3 to experimental.


Hierarchical Data Format 5 (HDF5)

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