The following commit has been merged in the master branch:
commit f05d5341cf2bb277bdea6558e834ca83bee3f1bf
Author: Bas Couwenberg <>
Date:   Mon Jan 6 00:17:35 2014 +0100

    Add sudo configuration to the Setup the build environment section.
    Add sudo configuration to the Setup the build environment section,
    add git-buildpackage's pristine-tar and pbuilder options to the Building 
the package section.

diff --git a/policy.xml b/policy.xml
index a745d08..f0a6614 100644
--- a/policy.xml
+++ b/policy.xml
@@ -687,6 +687,18 @@ pkg-grass/
 <command>pbuilder</command> can be selected instead by setting the environment 
variable <literal>BUILDER</literal> to "<literal>pbuilder</literal>", and 
 <command>qemubuilder</command> can be selected by setting 
<literal>BUILDER</literal> to "<literal>qemubuilder</literal>".
+          <literallayout>Root privileges are required to run 
<command>cowbuilder</command> and <command>pbuilder</command>.
+Use <command>visudo</command> to configure <command>sudo</command> to use the 
following settings to allow <replaceable>&lt;username&gt;</replaceable> 
passwordless use of <command>cowbuilder</command> and 
+Defaults! PBUILDERS setenv
+# Cmnd alias specification
+Cmnd_Alias PBUILDERS=/usr/sbin/pbuilder, /usr/sbin/cowbuilder
+# User privilege specification
+<replaceable>&lt;username&gt;</replaceable>     ALL=(root)     
           <literallayout>The default path for <command>cowbuilder</command> 
chroots is 
 And for <command>pbuilder</command> chroots 
@@ -800,6 +812,20 @@ For <command>pbuilder</command> replace 
<option>--basepath</option> with <option
             Use <command>git-buildpackage</command>'s
+            <option>--git-pristine-tar</option> option to generate missing
+            upstream tarballs with the <command>pristine-tar</command>
+            command from the <literal>upstream</literal> and
+            <literal>pristine-tar</literal> branches in the Git repository.
+          </para>
+          <para>
+            Use <command>git-buildpackage</command>'s
+            <option>--git-pbuilder</option> option to use
+            <command>cowbuilder</command> for building the package in a clean
+            <literal>chroot</literal> instead of on the development system
+            itself using plain <command>debuild</command>.
+          </para>
+          <para>
+            Use <command>git-buildpackage</command>'s
             option for building packages in distribution specific chroots,
             such as <literal>stable-updates</literal> using the branch 

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