The following commit has been merged in the master branch:
commit 89afa159aec4b86448ab3eb773644e7be8838d84
Author: Bas Couwenberg <>
Date:   Fri Jan 17 15:36:44 2014 +0100

    Add upstream packaging for jessie and saucy.

diff --git a/debian/changelog b/debian/changelog
index 4f77261..0beb4c7 100644
--- a/debian/changelog
+++ b/debian/changelog
@@ -2,6 +2,7 @@ qgis (2.0.1-1) unstable; urgency=low
   [ J├╝rgen E. Fischer ]
   * branch of version 2.0
+  * add support for debian jessie and ubuntu saucy
   [ Bas Couwenberg ]
   * New upstream release.
diff --git a/debian/compat.quantal b/debian/compat.jessie
similarity index 100%
copy from debian/compat.quantal
copy to debian/compat.jessie
diff --git a/debian/compat.lucid b/debian/compat.saucy
similarity index 100%
copy from debian/compat.lucid
copy to debian/compat.saucy
diff --git a/debian/control.sid b/debian/control.jessie
similarity index 100%
copy from debian/control.sid
copy to debian/control.jessie
diff --git a/debian/control.raring b/debian/control.saucy
similarity index 100%
copy from debian/control.raring
copy to debian/control.saucy
diff --git a/debian/python-qgis.install.quantal 
similarity index 100%
copy from debian/python-qgis.install.quantal
copy to debian/python-qgis.install.jessie
diff --git a/debian/python-qgis.install.lucid b/debian/python-qgis.install.saucy
similarity index 100%
copy from debian/python-qgis.install.lucid
copy to debian/python-qgis.install.saucy

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