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Peter's secret attempt at record-breaking
Peter loves to challenge himself. This year he decided to hike 180 km in three 
days, with nights out in the open. A new personal record. And most importantly: 
all his Facebook friends can follow him. He had a backup battery in his 
smartphone that constantly GPS-tracked his trip and shared updates on his 

But alas!!! With continuous GPS tracking and uploading to the Internet, both 
his smartphone and his backup battery were completely empty by the middle of 
the second day. When he came proudly home with a new record in the bag, no one 
believed him, as his timeline showed a route of only 86 km.

Next time, Peter is using a Sandberg Solar PowerBank. He won't be running out 
of power again. Solar PowerBank is charged at home like other backup batteries 
and can be recharged by sunlight during the hike. In fact, the solar cells are 
so sensitive that they can be charged by electric light.

Most smartphones, mobile phones, MP3 players, digital cameras and other small 
devices can be charged by Solar PowerBank.

Sandberg A/S
Solar PowerBank 6000 mAh 
Item no.: 420-15
RRP incl. VAT: 52.99 € says: 

"Superb sunbattry from Sandberg. The capacity has trippled and the efficiency 
of the solar panels has been increased to 250 %. The output power is also more 
than doubled now."


GadgetGear says: 

"The batteries are stronger, the solar panels are able to charge the battery a 
lot faster. The amount of amps is now a comfortable 2.100 mA."

RRP incl. VAT  

You can win great prizes every month. Enter the competition 
 by answering a simple question. 

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