I thought I'd do an info drop.

So in the past years Frankie maintained the package from DebianGIS
git on Alioth (now the git repo on spawn-of-Alioth).


and you'll see there that he started on packaging the newer 1.8
version, with libtiff updated, but I think he found the build system
too much of a mess so stopped working on it in favour of letting
someone else on the DebianGIS team try.

Since then OSSIM has moved to cmake and the build system is much
improved. A fine Google of Code student named M. Rashad worked on
OSSIM last summer, and after the summer was over started on
new-generation OSSIM deb packages. Hopefully me & Massimo can
convince him to join DebianGIS and continue the work there. :-)

Anyway it is his packages you'll find in UbuntuGIS's ppa, and yes,
they'll be a good starting point for the Mk III version of the OSSIM
package in Debian.  (see also ancient ossim-old/ in alioth pkg-grass
svn repo for MkI)


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