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sebastic-guest pushed a change to tag v1.3.2
in repository osmpbf.

*** WARNING: tag v1.3.2 was deleted! ***

       was  2b25893   Release 1.3.2

This change permanently discards the following revisions:

  discards  2b25893   Release 1.3.2
  discards  8f134bf   Use same debian copyright file as official debian repos
  discards  2372401   Various fixes for easier Debian packaging
  discards  3199c9f   Fixed email address of debian maintainer list
  discards  deef7f0   Improved build script.
  discards  3c7756e   Check if input file could be opened.
  discards  f0da31f   Improved debian build, better README
  discards  89c6119   Formatting and fixes one formatting-related bug.
  discards  ed845ba   Merge pull request #15 from keine-ahnung/patch-1
  discards  5fda268   osmpbf-outline.cpp: fixed incorrect text in debug-output
  discards  81985fe   Force building with -fPIC.
  discards  38323f8   1.3.1 Release
  discards  0d9ce00   Add IWYU pragmas.
  discards  ee52133   Fix Debian build
  discards  73c5bd1   Fix line endings (CRLF->LF), remove spaces at end of lines
  discards  0ff626d   Merge branch 'master' of into mergetest
  discards  5fb1760   Merge pull request #12 from alex85k/master
  discards  3d5dd4b   merged
  discards  538425c   merged
  discards  1bcf58a   Merge pull request #14 from AMDmi3/master
  discards  2cd0806   Compile with -fPIC
  discards  2c281c9   Make CXX/CXXFLAGS overridable
  discards  f84c2ea   Use #define instead of const char* for version.
  discards  56337c3   one more fix to install
  discards  1078fd4   More compilation fixes
  discards  05772fd   Fix building example and installation
  discards  a06d895   Fix CMake scripts
  discards  72fdfb4   Added CMAKE project files and windows-compatibilty to 
  discards  b8266ac   Do not set file user:group to 'root:root' during 
  discards  1cbcd00   Install to /usr/local per default
  discards  2b7a332   Allow overriding protoc path from the command line
  discards  705e604   Allow overriding Makefile variables from the command line
  discards  d9be2d1   Update tags for v1.3.0
  discards  9db1087   Merge pull request #7 from woodpeck/timestamp
  discards  b87c80e   Add fields for replication support.
  discards  fc795d3   Java file read demonstration, to help people getting 
  discards  2866955   Upgrade dependency on protobuf from 2.3.0 to 2.4.1
  discards  af4a7e8   Edit release notes.
  discards  3a3c05f   Setup debian changelog and change to version 1.2.1 
  discards  b7ed9ae   Added new Release Notes
  discards  e2aacd5   Whitespace changes.
  discards  4634617   Document the stringtable sorting.
  discards  89fdcda   Merge remote-tracking branch 'joto/master'
  discards  e102a59   Compilation instructions
  discards  4000ba1   Merge pull request #4 from hholzgra/master
  discards  77bb51d   terminate longopt list to prevent crashes on FreeBSD
  discards  3479ac3   Make osmpbf-outline more robust
  discards  4d8a862   Add manpage to debian package
  discards  d791c3e   fix manpage
  discards  165e651   Merge pull request #3 from MaZderMind/master
  discards  1a6d6a3   add manpage
  discards  7d52ed2   disable colorization on !tty devices, add option to force 
  discards  c2d7f27   Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
  discards  7aaa1a5   Fixed build of osmpbf-outline tool
  discards  4143aed   use osmpbf.h
  discards  187e1f9   add magic file
  discards  282bb22   New osmpbf.h and new debian package.
  discards  b3586a7   Improved description for new visible flag
  discards  c604c66   Merge pull request #2 from MaZderMind/history
  discards  6554a40   Add osmpbf.h
  discards  d383d89   Used two flag variables with proper names instead of one 
just called 'flag'. Add return before BlobHeader ouput.
  discards  dedab83   fixed some descriptions
  discards  37c9543   Merge pull request #1 from MaZderMind/osmpbf-outline
  discards  1ddaca6   extend definition with visible-flag for storing history 
  discards  b6cf211   show primblock metainfo
  discards  a1f2b81   tell about meta-info
  discards  e2d430c   look into the block
  discards  0fbe0f8   make source & writingprogram optional
  discards  f1c905e   bbox reader
  discards  3727704   even more documentation
  discards  f5a5dde   stdout, i said!
  discards  072daae   always color to stdout
  discards  a02882c   read osmheader
  discards  e82bd8f   more color, more documentation
  discards  d0134bd   decompression
  discards  e634d7a   read blobs
  discards  922411b   mockup for outlining tool
  discards  945844a   Merge pull request #1 from joto/master
  discards  64f587f   changed deb file from osmpbf-dev to libosmpbf-dev
  discards  c7dce29   Added README, debian config
  discards  6916a46   what was this doing here?
  discards  fb44931   Consistent reference to LGPL
  discards  15f7410   Add Makefile to build .h files and lib
  discards  155c54c   Use LITE_RUNTIME option.
  discards  f270777   Added in Maven POM by Zsombor Welker <>
  discards  754a33a   Added build file by Giovanni Mascellani.
  discards  87d7de3   Get rid of the input.available call.

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