On 04/03/2014 01:43 PM, Thorsten Alteholz wrote:
> please add the missing licenses of:
>  postgis-2.1.2\doc\xsl\*
>  postgis-2.1.2\java\*  (LGPL, BSD)
>  postgis-2.1.2\liblwgeom\stringbuffer.*
>  postgis-2.1.2\loader\*
> to debian/copyright.

I've updated the copyright file using copyright-format 1.0 and included
the licenses for the above.

> The link in the license of
>  postgis-2.1.2\extras\ogc_test_suite\*
> does not work anymore. Please also add the "license that your
> organization has signed" to debian/copyright.

These test cases are from the old Conformance Testing Procedure which
has been superseded by the Compliance Testing Program.

I cannot find the license text referred in the test case comments, but I
assume the OpenGIS Simple Features for SQL test cases are licensed under
the OGC Document Notice like the WFS and other tests are too.


This license doesn't allow modification of the licensed works, making
the works non-free.

I think the wisest course of action is to remove the ogc_test_suite in a
repacked tarbal.

Markus, what do you think?

Kind Regards,


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