Control: retitle -1 postgis: unknown issue on Ubuntu/ppc64el


sorry, I'm still struggling to feed the BTS with proper mails...
Therefore,  I'm not sure if you have received my reasons for closing
this issue, before.

Let's re-iterate:

 * dh_autotools *are* being called from debian/rules, so that's not
   the cause of failure (amd64 and ppc64 compile this just fine on

 * On Debian, all ports that satisfy the dependencies build and test
   just fine - therefore I think I fleshed out all big- vs little-
   endian bugs, already.

 * Given this is Ubuntu-specific, is the Debian BTS really the right
   place to file this bug?

As there definitely is an issue on Ubuntu/ppc64el, I'm now leaving this
bug open, but rename it. I'd appreciate some further hints about what's
possibly going wrong on that specific platform.


Markus Wanner

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