Package: src:libkml
Severity: serious
Version: 1.3.0~r864-2 
Usertags: nonfree-doc rfc


This source package contains the following files from the
IETF under non-free license terms:


The license on RFC/I-Ds is not DFSG-free, see:


According to the squeeze/wheezy release policy, source packages must be
DFSG-free, see:


The severity is serious, because this violates the Debian policy:


There are (at least) three ways to fix this problem.  In order of
0. Purge thirdparty//uriparser-0.7.5 and use packaged uriparser.
1. Ask the author of the RFC to re-license the RFC under a free
   license.  A template for this e-mail request can be found at

2. Remove the non-free material from the source, e.g., by re-packaging
   the upstream archive and adding 'dfsg' to the Debian package
   version name.

3. Move the package to non-free.

General discussions are kindly requested to take place on debian-legal
or debian-devel in the thread with Subject: "Non-free IETF RFC/I-Ds in
source packages".



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