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Hi Andy,

Thanks for reporting this issue.

I can reproduce the problem with the lakes.gml sample file shipped with
QGIS. It takes almost 8 minutes to create the spatialite database.

Creating an empty spatialite database is near instantaneous with the
spatialite commandline tool. It takes ogr2ogr significantly longer to
get its spatialite database to the same size.

ogr2ogr is taking a long time to populate the spatial_ref_sys table.
Possibly because GDAL no longer contains EPSG data (#745702) so it needs
to fall back to using PROJ.4 for each projection.

I'm currently working on updating the GDAL packaging for the recent
1.11.0 release, and intent to address the EPSG issue with that.
Hopefully that also solves this spatialite issue.

Kind Regards,


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