Control: retitle -1 proj-data: Package contains architecture dependant
files in /usr/share
Control: tags -1 pending

Hi Andreas,

Thanks for reporting this issue and sponsoring the fixed package.

On 05/12/2014 01:35 PM, Andreas Tille wrote:
> The package avoids Filesystem Hierarchy Standard since it drops architecture
> dependant files in /usr/share.

The FHS violation won't be solved by moving the nad2bin conversion to
the postinst as suggested by Francesco and in the TODO.Debian. Moving it
to the postinst only addresses the arch any vs all issue.

I think Architecture: any is appropriate for the proj-data package as
long as it contains the nad2bin produced datumgrid files. These files
could be moved to their own arch any proj-datumgrid package so proj-data
can be arch all, but I don't see much benefit in this split.

The FHS violation is currently addressed by installing the files
producted by nad2bin in /usr/lib/proj and symlinking them to

Kind Regards,


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