On 05/14/2014 12:08 PM, Andreas Tille wrote:
Hi Ross,


While it is probably not fully "safe" until the package with new VCS
location is uploaded since things like `debcheckout` etc are broken now
I think it is better to remove it to avoid that people might by accident
start working on the old repository.  So it is removed now.

I just need to chase the latest on the reverse dependencies, and
then in a few days I will finalise the package ready for

Okay - it is probably best to upload as it is. Then all the broken stuff will be fixed. I mainly wanted to find out the latest on the subsurface package which has been removed from testing so that we don't have to provide the old library. This can probably wait.

Just add a row to



if you need sponsoring.

Kind regards and thanks for your work on this


With python-osmgpsmap changing it's name to gir-***, the Blends osm task probably needs to be updated. I will look into this and maybe provide a patch.



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