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Hi Niko,

On 06/25/2014 10:42 PM, Niko Tyni wrote:
> Starting with version 5.20.0 (currently in experimental), the Debian
> perl package is changing the "vendorarch" library paths (currently
> /usr/lib/perl5) to include the multiarch triplet and the perl version. See
> #748380 for details.
> For this to work, packages containing binary perl modules need to migrate
> from using the hardcoded /usr/lib/perl5 directory to the value of the
> $Config{vendorarch} variable, as defined in the 'Config' module.
> This package fails to build with perl_5.20.0-1 from experimental:
> [...]
> One solution for this might be an executable debhelper install file
> (available with debhelper compat level 9) expanding $Config{vendorarch}.
> See #751924 for an example of this.

Thanks for your work on Perl, and the suggested solution for this issue
in #751924.

I've used that solution for the mapscript Perl module.

The updated package available on mentors and is waiting for sponsorship

Kind Regards,


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