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       was  3d44c59   Disable features on ARM.

This change permanently discards the following revisions:

  discards  3d44c59   Disable features on ARM.
  discards  7db6ae5   Fix qreal vs double.
  discards  03b028d   On armel/armhf qreal is typedef'ed to float not double.
  discards  984fe0e   refresh map canvas after pasting style (fix #9908)
  discards  e6081fa   [processing] skip invalid geometries when performing 
intersection (fix #9410)
  discards  6f3046c   [processing] fixed error when running script algorithm 
from script editor (fixes #9905)
  discards  e63b75c   [processing] modeler dialog now saves automatically the 
model before executing it
  discards  3c7a680   [processing] fixed exporting model to python (replaced 
'Processing' reference with 'processing')
  discards  ad6d2b4   Access to layer data of interpolator
  discards  34421c8   assign CRS to interpolation output (fix #3578)
  discards  344383b   Merge pull request #1269 from 
  discards  3dfacc7   identify/highlight default constants
  discards  8fff180   [processing] added support for multiline strings in 
  discards  7f0bc42   [processing]added new example script (contributed by 
Michael Douchin)
  discards  7b0af0d   fix warnings
  discards  0bdca1f   missing identify/highlight sip methods
  discards  cdbe1ee   [Plugin manager] Replace confirmation popup dialogs with 
an internal QgsMessageBar
  discards  7a70041   Change also SIP files to use WindowFlags instead of WFlags
  discards  665f0a3   Replace WFlags with WindowFlags
  discards  a838700   avoid warning messages on composer arrows without markers
  discards  b4b0155   Merge pull request #1265 from nyalldawson/postgis_time
  discards  48b9ccb   [ftools] use int column for point count (fix #9432)
  discards  019f121   Merge pull request #1264 from olivierdalang/fix_9334
  discards  3d6f17b   [processing] handle non-ASCII characters when running 
GRASS algorithms (addresses #5420)
  discards  3bedc70   [processing] move OTB output to INFO tab, fix deprecation 
  discards  e484500   [processing] enable temporary outputs in QGIS Field 
Calculator (fix #9401)
  discards  aefc892   identify and other map tools changed to use search radius 
in mm
  discards  f68e47f   Fix symbol's size/width not being updated in GUI on load
  discards  8bb1304   Merge pull request #1268 from milenanv/qgis_trans_pl
  discards  05ce120   [processing] show confirmation when closing modeler with 
unsaved model (fix #9889)
  discards  f8a558a   Merge pull request #1245 from simonsonc/remove-qtgui
  discards  d0c93b9   Merge pull request #1244 from simonsonc/qt-no-deprecated
  discards  9445c9a   Globe: anti-aliasing disabled by default
  discards  8cbf56f   fix globe sync extent
  discards  b74cb42   [processing] improved algorithm filtering in toolbox
  discards  eb360e0   [processing] fixed display ad handling of optional table 
fields in parameters panel
  discards  cbeb528   [processing] add Buffer option to Voronoi polygons tool 
(fix #7661)
  discards  024f6a1   [processing] fix handling of optional string arguments 
(fix #9109, 9120)
  discards  92ee039   [processing] added drag&drop support in modeler
  discards  36bd2d0   Merge pull request #1235 from m-kuhn/httplib
  discards  a93bef4   [processing] remove shebangs from SAGA helpers (fix #9669)
  discards  68cf29f   [TRANSUP] gl by Xan
  discards  0d63635   [processing]do not rebuild thhe whole toolbox tree when 
filtering or updating
  discards  8c4bfa3   [MSSQL] Close database and delete query on close
  discards  d047ea0   Merge remote-tracking branch 'tamas/master'
  discards  20933de   Add README.rst for labeling unit tests
  discards  013f9e9   Make PostGIS provider correctly use time and datetime 
formats, instead of converting them to character
  discards  776619f   highlight fixes
  discards  d8ad1d8   Reintroduce $map and optional canvas refresh debug logs
  discards  9e42c5b   Fix support for setCacheImage() to enforce refresh of a 
  discards  f53576d   make menthod and variable naming consistent, some cleanup
  discards  71e57a7   New method to duplicate a vector layer in memory and 
optionally add it to the map registry
  discards  9aab894   fix #9334
  discards  1911232   Rewrite the mssql driver to take care of the multithreded 
  discards  e26b6b5   [FEATURE] Identify highlight options. - optional 
highlight color, line/outline buffer and minimum width - fixed symbol sizes 
(thanks to Martin Dobias)
  discards  6703126   translation update pl
  discards  3b7b2b4   Merge pull request #1134 from CS-SI/otb_processing_update
  discards  e2d01e2   Merge pull request #970 from snorfalorpagus/spatialjoin
  discards  ec0c820   Merge pull request #1052 from 
  discards  44a054d   Merge pull request #1262 from 
  discards  839c3e7   Merge pull request #1263 from Qgis-Tr-kr/master
  discards  3374095   [processing] make script editor, modeler and results 
viewer non modal (fix #9849)
  discards  bd3f5b1   [processing] restore Create new model tool in toolbox 
(fix #9847)
  discards  4ffdef4   [processing] fix MMQGIS Extract by attribute (fix #9768)
  discards  5e5abdb   [processing] add feature count to Statistics by 
categories output (fix #9871)
  discards  285fa01   Merge pull request #1076 from 
  discards  af9da1d   Invalid CRS instances should be equal
  discards  cef3018   Korean translate completed
  discards  c69f2e1   [processing] fix Unique values tool (fix #9870)
  discards  b5dc067   [processing] fix output names for some SAGA algorithms 
(fix #9789)
  discards  19da71c   Merge pull request #1149 from p0cisk/master
  discards  db235c8   Merge pull request #1239 from bstroebl/eliminateSmallest
  discards  748d261   [processing] Add option for converting field names to 
lowercase for Import to PostGIS algorithm
  discards  f29d44e   Add PDF composer output labeling tests setup
  discards  db4401f   Rebuild labeling tests control images with smaller size 
(420 x 280)
  discards  5997c78   [processing] Allow choice of geometry column name, change 
database connection name to combo box for Import into PostGIS algorithm
  discards  f2e9d01   before QgsOptionBase
  discards  90f012d   [ftools] increase maximum number of points for regular 
points tool
  discards  d9bed41   remove extra spaces from message text (fix #7648)
  discards  d86a9aa   [processing] better handling of non-ASCII characters in 
config dialog (addresses #9323)
  discards  40942fa   [processing] fix old API calls in Extract by location 
tool (fix #9603)
  discards  ae2a3a8   Remove obsolete label from options dialog
  discards  d4c257f   Fix labeling local server test class setup error
  discards  a6f25c5   Add render checker color tolerance to labeling tests
  discards  81ba9ed   Add render checker color tolerance to sip
  discards  3797ffa   [processing] fix wrong tools description (fix #9852)
  discards  7c2038d   fix #9838
  discards  7f522f9   [processing] fix Distance Matrix tool (fix #7618)
  discards  126ed6b   updated translation pl
  discards  6ab62fd   [TRANSUP] fi by Kari
  discards  405adf6   updated translation pl
  discards  dcda258   apply brightness/contrast changes to all selected layers 
(fix #8176)
  discards  4ecdc6b   use Shift modifier for bigger step when changing 
brightness/contrast (fix #8177)
  discards  2fab405   [TRANSUP] nb by James
  discards  18fe1fd   [TRANSUP] String update on demand
  discards  f66ad8e   german translation update
  discards  5b4d076   revert 637359a and manually merge pull request #1232
  discards  f020bbf   Merge pull request #1221 from luipir/spatialite-savestyle
  discards  e392efa   Merge pull request #1138 from slarosa/hold_dialog_db_conn
  discards  10ede56   [TRANSUP] lt by Paulius
  discards  1311140   Merge pull request #1259 from thodorisvakkas/master
  discards  fed204b   [TRANSUP] greek translation 20140322
  discards  942d5da   Add option to ignore interior polygon rings when 
calculating buffered shading for shapeburst fill mode (can be useful for eg 
ignoring islands when shading water bodies)
  discards  a0c2c7a   Fix gradient fills using color ramps not respecting 
symbol transparency
  discards  6685932   show python errors in monospace
  discards  8c2fbbf   use single signal for messageEmitted
  discards  4342b73   better naming for messageEmitted/Discarded in maptools, 
followup 5bc5fdb 59a6663 and 6609ca8
  discards  dd4975f   Merge pull request #1255 from Oslandia/atlas_signals
  discards  375e0d4   Limit resolution of symbol fills during composer previews 
to improve composer responsiveness
  discards  3c7732c   Consider rasterScaleFactor during shapeburst fills
  discards  3adb26a   Add a slider for setting the shapeburst fill blur amount
  discards  1d21beb   Avoid multiple creation and destruction of arrays during 
calculation of distance transform in shapeburst fills
  discards  281b45e   More descriptive name for colour parameters in gradient 
and shapeburst fill data defined symbology dialog
  discards  13cbfd1   [FEATURE] Add 'shapeburst' fill style. Shapeburst fills 
implement a buffered gradient fill, where a gradient is drawn from the boundary 
of a polygon towards the polygon's centre. Configurable parameters include 
distance from the boundary to shade, use of color ramps or simple two color 
gradients, optional blurring of the fill and offsets.
  discards  793d30c   Remove invalid/unused anchor point expressions from 
simple fill data defined expression dialog
  discards  5bc5fdb   Fix some map tool connections, followup to 59a6663 and 
  discards  8b1d033   Revert "WMS server: even more performant png8 conversion"
  discards  040dac7   [TRANSUP] el by Thodoris
  discards  1088c26   [TRANSUP] fix el
  discards  1bade23   [TRANSUP] nb by james
  discards  09618db   Merge pull request #1256 from thodorisvakkas/master
  discards  6609ca8   rename removeMessage to discardMessage, complete SIP
  discards  59a6663   rename displayMessage to emitMessage in QgsMapTool
  discards  7710882   change output of QgsGdalProvider::generateBandName() and 
fix indentation
  discards  f9ee716   el_trans2014031802
  discards  7805bc0   Add unit test for atlas signals
  discards  9eb8ef4   Add signals to atlas generation
  discards  82164b4   [Feature][RASTER] Generate band name with NetCDF 
EXTRA_DIM funded by Ifremer
  discards  ab920ba   [joins] display if memory cache is used in layer 
properties dialog
  discards  3094175   Merge pull request #1250 from giohappy/master
  discards  ef3189e   Merge pull request #1251 from simogeo/master
  discards  cbf755f   Merge branch 'master' of
  discards  bd9bca9   Improving IT translation
  discards  88c8ea2   translation and typo fixes
  discards  a606799   [TRANSUP] sv by Victor
  discards  f61f250   Add ILIKE filter and % character to safe tokens
  discards  184a955   Merge pull request #1247 from Cracert/i18n
  discards  8467d9f   [TRANSUP] pl by Robert: function_help
  discards  166bf11   el_trans2014031801
  discards  f337dd3   Merge pull request #1242 from p0cisk/roadgraph
  discards  1a669dc   Merge pull request #1127 from 3nids/fix8873
  discards  b7b1931   remove unecessary message bar item
  discards  f32c051   already in QGisApp
  discards  9a8b7c5   better message display in map edit tools (fix #8873) emit 
signal from map tool, display message in qgisapp
  discards  690e7b0   Remove include of QtGui in favor of individual includes
  discards  3e0e0ed   Fix uses of deprecated Qt methods
  discards  1c0d5e2   fix warnings
  discards  8242a04   fix deprecation annotation of QgsMapRenderer::mapRenderer
  discards  f755781   Fix #9780 Display line layers in Road Graph settings
  discards  fa157b0   Add composer svg export label unit tests
  discards  b6b78ca   expression: dump binary operations with brackets to break 
precedence (fixes #9783)
  discards  80c4961   More IT translation fixes
  discards  0a78102   Fix sip binding for eventLayer function
  discards  9b89c62   GeometryAnalyzer: cache geometries in eventLayer function 
for better performance with 2.x versions
  discards  2b14cb4   german translation fix
  discards  1a67988   atlas: don't crash the coverage layer is removed (refs 
  discards  3224a2f   Add OSTN02 info to srs.db. Kindly provided by Nicholas 
  discards  df6b4e1   [TRANSUP] nb by James
  discards  c9a9fa7   More IT translation fixes
  discards  5683f35   Minor fix to IT translation
  discards  bd50701   [FEATURE] (Processing) Eliminate with smallest polygon
  discards  03ca0c8   Minor fix to IT translation
  discards  51b0632   Merge pull request #1237 from simogeo/master
  discards  e5597e2   Merge pull request #1236 from aharfoot/master
  discards  551648f   Fix pinned labels highlight causing forward 
transformation error by using QgsRubberBand instead
  discards  621dcce   Fix label map tool crashes and rotation point calc
  discards  77c06b1   Fix pinned labels highlight updating by taking labeling 
results prior to render completion signal
  discards  a3dc722   translation and typo fixes
  discards  81039ca   Improved consistency in IT GUI translation
  discards  2aed374   Improved consistency in IT GUI translation
  discards  ed5f778   There is an indentation error in the script 
that writes out the intermediate object on every merge with an input feature 
rather than just once at the end of the processing. This results in very large 
output file sizes.
  discards  cc9a487   Fix typo in options
  discards  b02ad1e   More LongLong fixes Fix #9761
  discards  efabcdf   german translation update and translation string fixes
  discards  b48eef7   german translation update
  discards  2194121   [FEATURE]: Replace value relation strings in 
GetFeatureInfo output. Move adding layers for joins and relations to a central 
  discards  0fb435e   [FEATURE]: Consider ValueMap in GetFeatureInfo
  discards  be8ae5f   Add new CMake option: WITH_INTERNAL_HTTPLIB (default True)
  discards  7264777   [TRANSUP] nb by James
  discards  9c139c2   Merge pull request #1230 from 
  discards  60e1a9b   #9686: fix simplification of no-closed polygons
  discards  fc6cd54   Add missing Layer Definition in Layer menu
  discards  3c38721   Add load and saving a Layer Definition file. Fix #9688
  discards  1ee6703   Transform bbox in gml feature info also if geometry is 
not requested
  discards  8f3532f   Mapserver: fixed inconsistencies int WMS GetFeatureInfo 
  discards  d0df28d   Merge pull request #1231 from Cracert/i18n
  discards  10ddb02   [TRANSUP] pl
  discards  073dbf1   Fix #9704, GdalTools file dialogs return QPyNullVariant 
due to QSettings undefined return type
  discards  637359a   add menu option to reset to ui defaults (implements #9746)
  discards  245422a   Merge pull request #1219 from ahuarte47/Issue_9655-1
  discards  a089cff   Merge pull request #1217 from 
  discards  9745dea   INSTALL: add note about installation of devscripts to get 
  discards  cb99839   Add allowable mismatch per group/test for labeling tests
  discards  30bf3ec   Add allowable mismatch to debug output for render checker
  discards  803bc29   Condense labeling test class inheritance and set up local 
server params from map settings
  discards  53cfa9e   Convert label unit tests to using only QgsMapSettings
  discards  bad1898   Refactor composer label test to work with svg, pdf and 
multi-resolution classes
  discards  6a1b706   Update label tests to ensure setup happens only once and 
load/delete only layer to test
  discards  a49b9a7   Add some functions to Python unit test utilities
  discards  b4f6813   PEP8 cleanups for some unit test modules
  discards  7829e7a   postgres provider: improve value quoting
  discards  04f70240  #9655: check geometry polygon better
  discards  d991ebf   Possible cross-platform fix for app startup unit test
  discards  fc8e05e   [TRANSUP] nb by James
  discards  c44b091   added saveStyle capability - Developed for ARPA Piemonte 
(Dipartimento Tematico Geologia e Dissesto)
  discards  764ccc5   [TRANSUP] sl by Joze
  discards  8b6db49   Merge pull request #1225 from rduivenvoorde/docurlfix
  discards  d59d191   no html in the url anymore
  discards  8a9cc23   Merge pull request #1224 from ghtmtt/master
  discards  71c5396   small changes in italian translations
  discards  08965ed   Merge pull request #1223 from nirvn/messagebar_auto_crs
  discards  25241b8   improve the message string and append friendly name (e.g. 
  discards  8f70e30   push a message bar informing user of crs applied to newly 
added layer missing crs
  discards  837642b   Merge pull request #1222 from nyalldawson/wms_layer_speed
  discards  2846857   remove more msvc deprecation pragmas
  discards  100f972   add GUI_EXPORT and sip bindings to QgsExtentGroupBox, fix 
sip binding of QgsRasterLayerSaveAsDialog
  discards  ec3f7f6   [FEATURE]: Expressions in GetFeatureInfo output
  discards  bf8ed47   WMS Server: show native type in GetProjectSettings
  discards  9b71d08   Merge pull request #1208 from nirvn/expression_wordwrap3
  discards  86ea4bf   Fix #9698 (magnified SVG symbols with data-defined 
  discards  9774abd   More fixes to support embedded groups
  discards  8ed4114   Merged "save as" and "save selection as" actions - choice 
moved to the dialog
  discards  cbf2c1a   Use QgsExtentGroupBox also in raster Save as dialog
  discards  8ac3a94   Fix #8898 (optional filter extent for vector save as)
  discards  99d030d   Cache result of checking whether axis should be inverted 
for wms layers. Greatly improves speed of connecting to wms layers when a wms 
server has many available layers.
  discards  c237ea5   #9655: fix invalid polygons with buffer_0
  discards  5c3d0dd   WMS server: fix groups from embedded files if embedded 
project uses custom drawing order
  discards  d63f0c4   followup aaf6b713: fix commit mixup!?
  discards  aaf6b71   wm(t)s json identify: allow geometryless feature info
  discards  2f41ad2   Merge pull request #1199 from simonsonc/cmake-cleanup-dups
  discards  2f2d6ac   Merge pull request #1120 from 3nids/pasteconvertgeom
  discards  9c5c065   copy/paste: do not transform if layer has unknown geometry
  discards  1d8faf2   do not convert multiline to multipolygon if one of the 
part failed, also consider case of 3 vertices line with first and last vertex 
  discards  bb7cd40   Merge pull request #1205 from ahuarte47/Issue_9485
  discards  4a3ad4b   Update qgis/qt/osg plugin Mac-bundled search paths
  discards  3b4edb8   automatic otfr: * notify on message bar when CRS and OTFR 
kicks in (refs #9644) * don't automatically change settings of loaded projects
  discards  5d6fc3d   Populate attribute editor layout with default 
(Autogenerate) Fix #9668
  discards  f2dbf9d   Fix #9683 (crash in add feature map tool)
  discards  951baee   [attrtable] Update filter count when filter is reset Fix 
  discards  2dcda50   [attrtable] Fetch only necessary columns for expression 
  discards  ac29fc1   minor cleanup in pluigns CMakeLists.txt
  discards  d378eef   allow to use custom QSettings for managing 
QgsOptionsDialog parameters. Useful for plugins and custom apps
  discards  b1dd6d3   crssync: remove debugging output
  discards  2a7752d   fix ab105599b
  discards  3bd8b55   german translation update
  discards  d6495ab   wms provider: * support JSON for feature info * implement 
feature info for WMTS * cleanup metadata display
  discards  6691332   Ensure draw line only inside polygon works correctly with 
multipolygon rings (fix #9624)
  discards  1877b51   german translation update
  discards  ab10559   tests: make compareWkt more tolerant towards whitespaces
  discards  4a8f627   [TRANSUP] ko by BJ
  discards  ccde1d4   BUG #9674 WFS GetFeature Request does not return features
  discards  87e6b13   Vector save as dialog: use one column layout (like raster 
save as)
  discards  f538c8b   added test for QgsGeometry::convertToType
  discards  643e59a   copy/paste: try to convert geometries
  discards  2081fc9   Fix the issues with QTimer start/stop in different thread
  discards  9b893a3   Added Denis Rouzaud to authors list
  discards  3a317a0   Fix #9658 (crash with diagrams)
  discards  3b1e192   replace deprecation pragmas with macro (followup 5134ef9a)
  discards  33a8b63   wms provider: fix feature info (fixes #9630)
  discards  89b50df   move timer noise from message log to debug output
  discards  dd03dd0   FindQGIS.cmake: delimitedtextplugin moved to core - look 
for spatialqueryplugin
  discards  a8ee064   wmts: show common upper levels in item name (relates to 
  discards  b6d943e   Update base labeling unit test class to work with 
  discards  2519f1d   Fix #9670 (respect map background color in composer)
  discards  0775675   #9655: fix invalid simplified geometries
  discards  540685a   #9485: OffsetLine uses GEOSOffsetCurve (#if-#else-#endif) 
  discards  8176c1c   #9485: OffsetLine uses GEOSOffsetCurve
  discards  bcbf9dd   wms: allow image/jpgpng (fixes #9622)
  discards  d78e05c   expression: and put blank in front of WHEN too (followup 
  discards  1d84978   expressions: put black in front of ELSE (fixes #9666)
  discards  82862a6   [TRANSUP] nb by James
  discards  238350f   Fix #9665 (in memory raster not supported in raster 
  discards  daf1e0b   Fix #9661 (labels in composer rendered with wrong size)
  discards  cb919e9   postgres provider: consider TIN and POLYHEDRALSURFACE as 
MULTIPOLYGONM (instead of POLYGONM) (fixes #9651)
  discards  9c4a990   Make rendering related debug messages us QgsDebugMsg
  discards  a813be1   Fix crash upon exit in QgsMapToolCapture
  discards  74ef8f3   line fill angle and direction, fixes #9647
  discards  1d3ae87   Fix #9648 (wrong scale in composer)
  discards  6670bfc   Merge pull request #1172 from leyan/multiple_snapping
  discards  0e90729   [ftools] fix random points tool not recognizing memory 
layer integer column (fix #9695)
  discards  2d21b67   Ensure local server tests can run on ubuntu, followup to 
  discards  7b2640d   Add debian-based setup for local test server
  discards  4059c8f   Fix opening test results in browser on Ubuntu
  discards  afd6674   fix license display
  discards  6b6e5eb   wms provider: fix WMTS bounding box calculation for crs 
with inverted axis
  discards  07516fc   wms provider: fix status messages from data items
  discards  6c9dd84   refine removeLayer() wording
  discards  e9f808a   make confirmation on layer deletion optional (fixes #9094)
  discards  af17dbf check md5sums
  discards  29e9272   Fix #9643 (overview extent broken)
  discards  cd89b1a   [TRANSUP] adding pt_PT translator
  discards  8ed2ded   Merge pull request #1216 from minorua/georef_bad_alloc
  discards  48c1b57   Do not refresh overview twice on a change
  discards  1732db5   Fix #9642 (update overview even if map settings are not 
  discards  0310bb2   Fix #9396 (datum transform in save as dialog)
  discards  76c3998   [Georeferencer] fix bad allocation error
  discards  71a799f   Fix #9641 (broken contrast enhancement)
  discards  d790bc0   Merge pull request #1128 from 3nids/removesnapsegment
  discards  881b1cc   Added connection pool for SpatiaLite, improving rendering 
speed within one DB
  discards  2078220   update lib paths for phonon_backends
  discards  a37c577   Fix 'geos_c.h not found' build error on Mac
  discards  5fd8567   use native file selection in new shapefile dialog 
(implements #9637)
  discards  5db13ab   * remove deprecated overloads QgsRasterLayer::lastError() 
and QgsRasterLayer::lastErrorTitle() * deprecate 
QgsRasterLayer::previewAsPixmap() (doesn't work in background threads) * 
QImage::fill( QColor ) does not exists prior to Qt 4.8 diff --git 
b/src/core/raster/qgsrasterlayerrenderer.h index 6ab4a49..40a27a2 100644 --- 
a/src/core/raster/qgsrasterlayerrenderer.h +++ 
b/src/core/raster/qgsrasterlayerrenderer.h @@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ [...]
  discards  b592335   don't open the identify dialog beforehand if 'Open 
feature form, if a single feature is identified' is active and there is only 
one result (fixes #9631)
  discards  75a2edb   add QgsRasterLayer::previewAsImage() for MTR rendering 
(see bug 9626)
  discards  115f980   oracle provider: replace rownum=0 with 1=0 to retrieve 
columns (fixes #9633)
  discards  e75170c   Merge pull request #1214 from Cracert/i18n
  discards  91ecc5f   add 'warning' to the respective python message log tab
  discards  6a3d0d8   include qgsmapsettings.h in install
  discards  f7a47d5   [TRANSUP] pl: help
  discards  a7cb2b2   [expression] check for maximum nb of arguments in 
wordwrap function
  discards  5105f5f   [expression] fix function help following argument 
ordering shift
  discards  1c5228c   [expression] made wordwrap delimiter string an optional 
3rd argument
  discards  d1c61a0   [expression] rework the wordwrap to allow for maximum / 
minimum line length to wrap, fix test and add two more
  discards  3cfee81   [expression] add wordwrap function help file
  discards  1fcb4f0   [expression] more work on wordwrap function based on 
wonder-dk comments
  discards  6319add   [expression] implement a wordwrap function (feature 
request #9412)
  discards  02c0d58   Remove duplicate entries from CMake build files
  discards  f66c461   replace list of snapping markers with a single marker
  discards  02822d4   [processing]Fix "float division by zero" in polygonize 
algorithm if no polygons were created. For shapely 1.2.16+ and GEOS 3.2+ 
unary_union will be used for noding lines - union method sometimes failed to 
create properly noded polyline.
  discards  d25f85d   add checkbox in db conn dialog in order to keep the 
window open after adding a table
  discards  7abca16   fixes bugs about processing evolution
  discards  4f443dd   Update OTB processing modules
  discards  128158b   import removed to fix bugs
  discards  cdadc70   add ParameterMultipleExternalInput parameter type
  discards  9021b37   allow snapping to vertex and segment to remove part/ring
  discards  bb9c989   Fixed bug in the processing toolbox qgis:intersection 
tool, preventing attempts at writing the wrong geometry type to a shapefile.
  discards  af55e98   set droplists if parameter values are already set as a 
result you can set some parameters in checkBeforeOpeningParametersDialog and 
they will be the default in the interface. This is especially usefull when your 
algo as a lot of parameters that you can gues (eg from layer names)
  discards  327f561   Fix typo
  discards  79447b9   Filter params and output before use. Use Enurmerate to 
count rows
  discards  797bd32   Use count function
  discards  44d9682   Use set for getFields
  discards  8aa6a4d   Reduce margins on processing toolbox
  discards  bf80c00   Fix #9271 - Decrease step for symbol properties
  discards  90fa359   'Join by location' now creates multipart features in the 
same way as SinglePartsToMultiparts.
  discards  4e57af6   'Join by location' can now use the geometry from the 
joined layer as output.
  discards  8daf8c3   Ported 'Join by location' from fTools to Processing

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