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Hi Breno,

On 07/29/2014 05:43 PM, Breno Leitao wrote:
> Gdal doesn't build on ppc64el at the moment, because the autotools files are
> outdate, causing it to fail because ppc64el is not know by the config files.
> This patch calls autotools-dev scripts to update the autotools files during
> build, and this fixes the FTBFS in ppc64el (and possible other architectures).

Thanks for the patch.

I thought we tackled this issue with dh-autoreconf, but gdal seems to be
one of the cases where both are required as described on the wiki:

Ubuntu has supported ppc64el for some time now, and I recently adopted
their changes for gdal 1.11.0 currently in experimental, but skipped the
addition of autotools_dev because I assumed dh-autoreconf was sufficient.

I've applied your patch for both gdal 1.10.1 in unstable and 1.11.0 in
experimental. Updated packages were built, and sponsorship requested
(#756447 & #756448).

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